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New Surface at Trojan Field Installed

January 29, 2020
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Anderson University has completed installation of a new playing surface to be used for Trojan lacrosse and soccer teams.

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Trojan Stadium looks a little different these days: its playing surface covered in verdant, top-quality turf and stamped with Troy, the iconic Anderson University mascot. 

Anderson University finished installing the playing surface in January. Athletes are already using the field, letting the new playing surface cushion their strides. 

“The environment this new field will create for training and games is going to be great,” said Michael Zion, head coach of the men’s soccer team. “The benefit of this field will be tremendous to our student-athletes. Rain won’t be a deterrent and the quality of play will be consistent. This facility will be one of the best in the southeast. As an alum and coach, I can tell you that we are all excited and thankful to see this project come together. We are looking forward to competing and making some great memories in the new and improved Trojan Stadium.”

Rain or shine, practices and games can be held on the turf field. This enhancement to Trojan Stadium takes AU athletics to new heights. 

“Our program is thrilled to have a new turf field. It is exciting to see the university continue to invest in athletics and raise the standard,” said Sarah Jacobs, head coach of the women’s soccer team. “The turf is top quality and allows us to have great training sessions and games regardless of the weather. It also provides a smooth playing surface which lends itself to a better possession style game.”

Athletes can sprint across the field without sliding on mud or worrying that a recent rainstorm altered their playing field. And the turf will withstand multiple teams’ games and practices.

“The turf has been a huge help to our program here at AU,” said Bailey Will, a student-athlete on the women’s soccer team. “Weather and poor field conditions no longer prevent us from training, so we are able to spend more time playing the sport we love and growing together.”

The field is home to the men and women’s soccer teams and the men’s lacrosse team, which will launch in 2021. Anderson University also recently announced plans to add a football team in 2024, and the new team plans to use the field. 

“We couldn’t be more thankful for our new turf facility,” said Albert Mitchell, the new head coach for the men’s lacrosse team. “With the addition of lacrosse, it makes it that much easier for all three sports to compete at the same stadium. This beautiful facility just reflects the rest of the university and shows the dedication to a great experience for our student-athletes and gives us the ability to perform at our highest level.”

Athletic camps, like the upcoming Men’s Soccer I.D. Camp in February, will also use the new field. 

The turf field reflects AU’s commitment to the future of the university and is a part of ongoing campus enhancements.

“I’m excited for our athletes, alumni, current students and community to see the commitment Anderson University has to excellence in facilities, programs, on-the-field competition and quality student athletes — and our commitment to our mission,” said Jason Rutland, associate vice president for alumni and parent engagement. “Each new facility excites me as I see the continued commitment to excellence in all we do.”

As Anderson University athletics continue expanding, scores of Trojan fans decked in black and gold will enjoy the update at Trojan Stadium for years to come. 

“We are thankful to have a great place to call our home field and excited to see what is in store for the future,” Jacobs said. “We hope to provide a great match environment for the community and university to enjoy this new venue as much as we do.”

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