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My AU Summer: Hannah Worsham

July 28, 2019
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College of Business student Hannah Worsham spent her summer as an intern for Volvo in Greensboro, North Carolina. This is her story.

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This summer I worked as a purchasing project management intern for Volvo Group in Greensboro, North Carolina. I am majoring in Financial Economics and Data Analytics at Anderson University, where. I am also a senator in Student Government Association; a member of the AU Honors Program; director of finances for the Business Club; treasurer for Student Athlete Advisory Committee; and a volleyball player. I plan to graduate May 2021. 

Last summer I worked for a French-based medical company as a financial data analyst intern. Though I am interested in finance by trade, I decided I wanted to experience something different this summer. I am so young in my career and diversity in exposure can make me more marketable in the long run. When I interviewed, I told them, “Don’t just put me in finance because that’s what my resume says I can do; I am a fast learner and I want to experience a challenge with a lot of responsibility.” It was a few minutes later I had an internship offer in projects. I wanted to work for a global company that would give me exposure to a variety of different facets of business. I had some other opportunities, one being in Singapore, but I decided to take the internship at Volvo instead. It felt as if I was taking a step down, but now that I am at the end of my internship, I can assure you that I have learned exponentially more than I had thought. 

Coming into the internship, I knew nothing about trucking. Absolutely nothing. I leave this summer with an appreciation for the entire process and knowledge I never thought I would have. It is exciting being able to attend meetings and actually give input like a full employee. This internship has given me an appreciation for every single bolt and bracket that goes on our trucks. There may have been tens of meetings just to get you that one fastener. There are so many moving parts the end user doesn’t even see. 

Volvo is a company which values family, and that aligns with my values as well. I am a woman who wants a career and wants to be able to leave work at the door when I leave for the day.

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