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DisruptHR Greenville: Anderson University College of Business Hosts a Landmark Event

November 21, 2023
The Anderson University College of Business, in collaboration with DisruptHR Greenville, hosted an event November 14 that has set a new benchmark in the Human Resources (HR) community.

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DisruptHR Greenville, held at the University Center of Greenville, was more than just a meeting of minds; it was a fusion of innovative ideas, transformative discussions and forward-thinking strategies in the field of human resources.

The DisruptHR event brought together a diverse group of speakers, each a luminary in their field, to share insights and spark conversations around the future of HR in a high energy, tightly-organized format and time frame.

Kamber Parker, founder & CEO of The YoPro Know, LLC, spoke on “Embracing Intergenerational Communication,” highlighting the importance of bridging generational gaps in the workplace, particularly in the area of intergenerational communication. This can include dispelling myths about generations, setting clear guidelines and measuring communications and expectations, and adapting to change. 

Hollie West, director of human resources at Pharma Tech Industries, gave a presentation focusing on shifting HR’s focus to empathy and connection. Her talk was devoted to explaining why putting people first matters more than just the operational tasks of payroll, leave, benefits and other administrative tasks. Instead, West said a foundation built on empathy and connection helps drive a business’ return on investment (ROI).

Greg Massullo, director of sales at ScanSource, Inc., discussed “Personal Brand for Organizational Influence,” emphasizing the power of personal branding within an organization. Massulo talked about taking a people-centric approach to organizational change, and how the modern corporate landscape calls for multifaceted professionals who not only excel in their technical roles but can also influence and lead others in positive ways.

Dr. Allen Lycka, renowned cosmetic dermatologist and author, presented on “Disrupting Quiet Quitting and The Great Resignation,” offering a fresh perspective on employee engagement. Lycka, who successfully fought an ALS diagnosis and went on to co-author books including The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life, challenged conventional wisdom of working hard and making more money to motivate employees, sharing a methodology and strategy to better engage employees, addressing up front what best motivates them to overcome obstacles, be more productive and to become advocates for their company. 

Jason Collett, HR strategist, tackled the provocative topic “5 Reasons Your Boss Is a ‘Jerk’ – Demystified,” sharing from his own experiences of adversity with supervisors. He encouraged his audience, largely composed of HR professionals, to do what they do best to listen to leaders and give them the feedback they need to be successful. 

Kelly Scheib, chief people officer at Crunchbase, in her talk “House of Cards,” talked about workforce challenges that tend to throw HR professionals off balance in their day-to-day work. Scheib asserted that sustainable strategies are needed to address some foundational “cracks,” without which a strategy can “fall like a house of cards.”  

Lucas Asper, shareholder in the Greenville office of Ogletree Deakins, delved into “The Less-Discussed Impacts of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.” Asper, who helps his  clients identify and develop creative solutions that accomplish business needs in compliance with applicable law as efficiently as possible, examined aspects of the recently-passed Pregnant Workers Fairness Act that are not being widely discussed but stand to have significant impact on employer operations.

Unprecedented Sponsor Support

Disrupt HR Greenville was made possible through the generous support of sponsors, including Credo Software, The HR Business Connect, HRHotSeat, Employers Network, GSHRM and AASHRM. Their commitment to fostering innovation in HR was evident and immensely appreciated.

The event was not just a platform for sharing knowledge but also a testament to Anderson University College of Business’s commitment to practical, innovative education. Dean Steve Nail and Corporate Event Coordinator Cade Tessmann played pivotal roles in organizing this successful event, showcasing the university’s dedication to being at the forefront of business education and thought leadership. The success of DisruptHR Greenville was also due to the enthusiastic participation of attendees, including HR professionals, business leaders, and students. Their engagement and eagerness to learn and network were the driving forces behind the event’s success.

The Anderson University College of Business looks forward to hosting and participating in future events that continue to challenge norms, foster innovation and lead in the HR space.

“As we reflect on the success of DisruptHR Greenville, we are reminded of the power of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. This event was not just a conference; it was a beacon of inspiration for the future of human resources,” said Corporate Event Coordinator Cade Tessmann of the Anderson University College of Business.

To learn more about DisruptHR and view presenter videos, visit this link.


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