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December Graduate Commissioned as Air Force Lieutenant

February 4, 2019

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Anderson University Adam Doyle United States Air Force AFROTC Second Lieutenant

Adam Doyle didn’t just graduate from Anderson University in 2018. 

He also became a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. 

That’s because Doyle, a secondary history graduate, pursued a unique military path during his time at Anderson University. 

“While at Anderson, I became closer to the Lord,” Doyle said. “I grew closer and my walk became stronger. At some point during my freshman year of college, I decided to pursue a call of joining the military.”

Despite the demands of college, Doyle began his military career. Anderson University is one of three sister schools in Clemson University’s AFROTC Program. Doyle enrolled in a two-year AFROTC program at Clemson while continuing his studies at Anderson.

Within weeks of graduating from Anderson, Doyle was commissioned by the AFROTC during a service at Clemson. 

Anderson University Executive Vice President and W.B. Johnson Distinguished Professor of History and Political Science, Dr. Danny Parker, said that Anderson University has long supported an ROTC cohort with Clemson, but the program has not grown large enough to have a separate group on Anderson’s campus. 

Anderson University Adam Doyle United States Air Force AFROTC Second Lieutenant“Nonetheless we have continued to encourage our students’ participation in Clemson’s ROTC program and we have been as flexible as possible in our scheduling to support them,” Dr. Parker said. “I was fortunate to have earned my Army officer’s commission through my university’s ROTC program in another state. I know from firsthand experience that ROTC offers young people numerous opportunities to grow mentally, emotionally and physically while earning the right to serve our nation as a commissioned officer in our Armed Forces.” 

Doyle said that some students may be unaware of the military opportunities Anderson University offers, and he encourages students who are interested to explore their options.

“Anderson was more than willing to assist me with the demanding schedules of education and AFROTC,” Doyle said. “A college education that is built upon faith, and God’s call to serve the world is something that many military officers do not have today. I find this to be my cornerstone as a leader in the military. I became so much stronger in my faith and it translates to my job in the Air Force. I can be such a better leader knowing that I get my strength from Jesus, and I can depend on Him in whatever situation.”

Doyle now holds a position as an acquisition manager for the Air Force. He focuses mostly on the financial aspect of managing and administering defense programs including aircraft and missiles, and he also meets with commanders to ensure proper plans for systems and equipment. He reports first duty station this month.

Doyle said his education at Anderson was pivotal in his military career.  

“Anderson University prepared me for the Air Force in ways that I never would have received anywhere else,” he said. “If I didn’t go to Anderson, I don’t know if this journey would have even taken place. I honestly feel more confident knowing the Gospel of Jesus and taking that with me everywhere I go to be an effective leader, while also having compassion to many of the discouraged and lost people along the way.” 

“I am grateful for Lt. Doyle’s desire to serve his country, and I commend his achievement in obtaining his commission while simultaneously earning his undergraduate degree,” Dr. Parker said.

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