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College of Engineering Welcomes First Students

September 7, 2021
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After years of preparation, engineering students have begun their classes in the Anderson University College of Engineering. Among them are, from left: Austin Love, Madison Hagen, Jaya McGill, Zoe Markford, Olivia Mys and Evan Miller.

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It’s been years in the making, but the first students in the Anderson University College of Engineering have begun their classes. 

Initially students have had the opportunity to begin their engineering education within Anderson University’s College of Arts and Sciences, then after three years complete their education at a neighboring university. Now that engineering students are part of the College of Engineering, they’ll have an opportunity to complete a four-year engineering degree and stay at Anderson. 

As the College of Engineering’s Founding Dean, Dr. Anthony Guiseppi-Elie’s vision is more than just recruiting students with book smarts. True, Guiseppi-Elie is interested in intelligence, but he’s also interested in the kind of students to be ambassadors for the new program. This involves seeking out individuals who demonstrate resilience, tenacity and a certain amount of charisma.

“It is a pleasure to welcome our year-1 students to a Christ-centered, liberal arts university to study engineering. At AU we hope to prepare an engineering professional whose focus is on service to the organization and the community. Our students already embody these qualities, it is our goal to nurture and develop them further,” Dr. Guiseppi-Elie said.

 The College of Engineering celebrated Class Formation Day, where 26 first-year students assembled to receive their class formation engineering vest and COEN@AUSC patch. Also recognized were 15 students in the innovative, project-based learning pilot program and students receiving the Dean’s Engineering Innovation Award. 

Meet some of the students

Maddie Hagen of Austin, Texas, has always loved math and science, yet she also considers herself creative and artistic. She says, “I was trying to think about what I can do that incorporates it all. I love problem-solving.”

Evan Miller of Greenville, South Carolina, exposed to a strong STEM academic focus, says he’s drawn to a program that encompasses the idea of creating something tangible. 

“The whole idea behind engineering is that you’re figuring out how things work, how to design them and how to sustain them,” Miller said. “That ties in with the whole Christian idea of Anderson; We can do a lot of good with what we’re doing, building, fixing and sustaining.”

Zoe Markford of Simpsonville, South Carolina, has enjoyed math and physics throughout school and was drawn to study engineering at Anderson University because she feels a sense of community here and likes that her professors are approachable and encouraging her as she starts her studies. She says of the program, “I love the real-world application and how that ties together.”

Austin Love of Anderson, South Carolina, is drawn to the creative process, having learned to weld before coming to the College of Engineering. He’s also had an interest in math and science, and feels that engineering combines those academic skills with his love of creating things. He also feels that Anderson University’s size and Christian environment are key to his succeeding in engineering. 

As a child, Olivia Mys became fascinated with NASA and the engineering side of the space program. She learned about Anderson University from her older sister, who was a student, and wanted to experience that “family-community” environment herself.

The Anderson University College of Engineering provides a comprehensive engineering education that combines a liberal arts tradition with a Christian worldview. The College of Engineering is seeking accreditation and preparing to offer undergraduate programs in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

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