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Christian Studies Dean Part of Online Global Gathering of Leaders

May 9, 2020
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Dr. Michael Duduit was among those providing a 24-hour global virtual sermon based on the works of Charles Spurgeon, one of history's great Christian leaders.

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Anderson University College of Christian Studies Dean Michael Duduit this month participated in a global 24-hour virtual gathering of Christian leaders from around the world to read from Charles H. Spurgeon’s work. The virtual event was streamed online with thousands of Christians globally drawing spiritual insights from Spurgeon’s words.

Letters and sermons from Spurgeon were read by Christian leaders such as Saddleback Church founder Rick Warren, along with Dr. Duduit and 46 others.

“Anderson University was delighted to play a part in this unique global event celebrating the ministry and legacy of Charles Spurgeon,” Dr. Duduit said. “Anderson University is blessed to share a special partnership with Spurgeon’s College, and like them we recognize the enormous contribution that Charles Spurgeon made to the church and to the task of preaching the gospel. Spurgeon stands among the most influential preachers in the history of the church, and his influence carries on into the 21st century.”

Charles Spurgeon – the most popular preacher in the Victorian world founded Spurgeon’s College in London, England in 1856, which hosted the event. The gifted preacher founded the College to train others to help spread the ‘good news’ to the needy world – with a focus on enabling disadvantaged young men to gain ministerial training. The sponsored event aims to raise funds to continue his legacy. Charles Spurgeon is celebrated by millions around the world for his spiritual insights and literary grace that remain as relevant to Christians’ today.

Anderson University entered into a partnership with Spurgeon’s College last October that supports short-term study trips, student and faculty exchange programs, and other joint projects. The partnership is the first for the Anderson University College of Christian Studies and Clamp Divinity School, and currently the only American partnership for Spurgeon’s College.

The partnership came on the heels of Anderson University’s study abroad trip to England last summer as part of a course, titled “Faith in a Post-Christian Age.” Faculty and students explored the religious history of London, Oxford and Cambridge, and stayed at Spurgeon’s College in London, where they examined the intersection of theology and culture with Dr. Joshua Searle and Rev. Seidel Boanerges, professors at the college.

The College of Christian Studies and Clamp Divinity School at Anderson University celebrated their 10th anniversary last year. The college offers ministry degrees at the baccalaureate, masters and doctoral levels.

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