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AU Ready to Welcome Record New Class

August 2, 2023
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Anderson University is ready to welcome the largest incoming class in its history. While continued growth is certainly a blessing, the best blessing is yet to come as new Trojans begin an exciting new chapter in their life journeys.

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In the closing days of summer, there’s a growing sense of anticipation as Anderson University gets ready to welcome the largest incoming class in its history. 

New students from down the road, across the country and across the ocean are joining the Trojan community. New students for the 2023-24 academic year come from 15 countries (including the U.S.) and 31 states.

Welcome Week

There’s no welcome like an Anderson University welcome. 

Welcome Week 2023, August 18-26, promises to be an exclamation point at the start of the new year. Welcome Week is packed full of fun, information and opportunities to meet fellow students while also learning how easy it is to become part of Anderson University’s community. 

The best advice for new students is, “Attend as many Welcome Week events as possible.” 

“Welcome Week matters because it’s a big cannonball jump into the deep end of college life. It lets you meet new friends, get used to being away from home, and is mostly just a lot of fun,” said Sydney Welch, a senior Graphic Design major. Ella Moody, a junior Nursing major, says “Welcome Week is a week full of laughter, smiles and joy. I love seeing the many smiling faces of friends reconnecting after the summer break and new friendships starting to form.”

To be clear, Welcome Week isn’t just for new students.

It’s really for all students,” said Director of Student Activities Brenna Morris. “It makes for a fun way to kick off the year, bringing out all the stops and our very best to say ‘we’re so happy that you’re back.’ Everybody is like ‘I’m going to meet someone new whether I’ve been here for four years or it’s my first year.’” 

Morris noted that in addition to West Fest, Beach Bash and many other Welcome Week favorites, Silent Disco has been added to the mix. 

“There are three playlists, and you’re on any playlist you want. It’s not quiet—they’re screaming lyrics. You have headphones on and you don’t care what anybody thinks of you. You can see the playlist they’re on by the color of their headphones,” Morris said.

Read on for more student comments about Welcome Week at Anderson University.

“Welcome Week is one of the most special weeks you will ever experience as a student at Anderson University. The memories you make, the friends you connect with, and the fun you have each day makes your first week at AU feel more like home,” said Braelyn Moore, a senior Communication major, who is in her third year on the Campus Activities Team. Because of Welcome Week, I have gained lifelong friends and core memories that I will get to carry with me throughout my life.”

Welcome week is a time where you get to know so many people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet,” said Jenna Grace Beiers, a junior majoring in Early Childhood with a minor in Dance. “It is a time to make memories and laugh a lot. It is truly a special part of AU and has offered so many people new friendships that will last forever.”

Atonya Lambright, a senior Christian Studies major, said, “Welcome week is the introduction to four years of growth, fun, and life changing experiences.”

Caroline Manke, a sophomore Nursing major, has wonderful memories of Welcome week. Now that she’s joined the Campus Activities Team, she’s excited about planning this year’s Welcome Week.

Welcome Week will always be one of the most memorable weeks of my life. It is an incredible time packed with fun activities and opportunities to meet the most amazing people. As a freshman last year, it was super helpful for getting into the full swing of AU spirit,” Manke said.

Students quickly feel a sense of belonging as part of Alpha Groups. According to Associate Director of New Student Programs Sam Walker, 53 Alpha Groups are getting ready for incoming students, each led by a top-tier student leader (Alpha Leader).

“These Alpha Leaders will move-in early and prepare the entire week before new student move-in to ensure that our first year students have everything they need when they arrive for Welcome Week,” Walker said, adding that the AU culture itself helps freshmen assimilate into the community as a whole.

“We really don’t have a ranking culture when it comes to seniors. Freshmen will go to these events and the senior students will be looking out for them, introducing them to their friends and inviting them to their RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) or BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries) group, asking them to get dinner. We really have this familial feeling to those events,” Walker said.

Connecting with the AU community

For incoming students and family members reading this, no doubt this is also a time of anticipation and planning. While there are always helpful people handy to answer questions of incoming students and family members, social media is also a great resource that’s available 24/7.

A good place to start is by checking out Anderson University’s official Instagram account, @andersonunivsc. Other great accounts to follow include AU Student Activities, @au411, and AU First Year Experience, @aufirstyear.There’s advice on what to bring, decorating dorm rooms and making those first contacts with people they will get to know over the next four years—roommates, teammates, Alpha Group leaders and staff worth getting to know (which is essentially everyone, because welcoming students is an “all hands on deck” thing for staff, faculty and upperclassmen). 

To hit the ground running and make a smooth transition into the Anderson community, some students posted advice on Instagram:

“Don’t feel like you have to have everything figured out right when you arrive.”

“Involve yourself as much as possible and try new clubs/activities! It will impact your life.”

“Have roomie nights. College is chaotic, so take a sec to chill and hang out.”

“Get to know your professors because they want to know you and help you succeed.”

“Welcome Week is the best time to find friends. Go to everything!”

A special part of welcoming new students, according to Morris, are Welcome Home Boxes.

“Each new student gets one in their room and each commuter has the opportunity to pick up their box from Commuter Engagement. The boxes (really a bag) are full of snacks and other fun freebies, random things they might need like an extra toothbrush and some band-aids, and notes from some of their biggest fans: Jack Cummings, the Student Body President; myself and the Campus Activities Team; and Dr. Whitaker,” Morris said. “They’re a ton of fun and a great way for us to show hospitality.” 

Details about campus housing can be found here.

Details about new student move-in can be found here.

For details about Welcome Week, contact Student Life at or call 864-622-6011. Welcome Week information, including a complete schedule, is available here.

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