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Anderson Signs Bridge Program Agreement with Spartanburg Community College

December 11, 2019
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Officials with Anderson University and Spartanburg Community College signed a bridge program agreement to ease the transfer of SCC graduates who want to continue their studies at AU.

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Anderson University (AU) and Spartanburg Community College (SCC) have formed a partnership designed to enhance the transfer of students from SCC to AU. The partnership is intended to serve students by providing program support and services through a seamless transfer pathway that prepares and acclimates students desiring to matriculate at AU. Officials from both schools signed the bridge program agreement this month. 

The agreement establishes articulation pathways for SCC students seeking the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of  Business Administration
    • Business Administration Concentration
    • Management Concentration
    • Marketing Concentration
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Spartanburg Community College students who complete the aforementioned degrees, or complete 30 transferable credits (with grades of C or better) with a 2.50 grade point average (GPA) will be guaranteed admission to AU upon successfully completing all steps for enrollment. Additional admissions requirements may exist for particular academic programs. While admissions to AU is guaranteed, courses will be evaluated for transfer credit and applicability to the intended AU major/degree program. To support students in making progress towards both the SCC associate’s and AU bachelor’s degrees, students will have academic and advising support of both SCC’s faculty advisors and AU’s academic advisors. Students will have the option of completing their AU bachelor’s degree program by taking courses fully online, on-campus or a combination of online and on-campus.

As part of the AU Bridge Program students will be offered the opportunity to participate in identified AU programs and events. They also will enjoy access to the university’s library and Trojan athletic events. AU also will waive the admissions application fee for students transferring from SCC.

“Anderson University is proud to partner with Spartanburg Community College to offer a seamless transfer for students wishing to continue their education and obtain a four-year degree,” said Anderson University President Evans P. Whitaker. “This agreement affirms our ties to the Upstate community and AU’s commitment to help more Upstate students to achieve their educational goals.”

“The SCC bridge program with Anderson University is designed with the goals and needs of the students as the top priority. The active involvement of both institutions in guiding the student through their transfer journey helps make the process seamless for students.” explains Dr. Cheryl Cox, SCC’s senior vice president of academic affairs. “This agreement also provides life-changing opportunities for SCC students who earn a two-year associate of applied science (AAS) degree but also want to earn a four-year degree, since typically AAS degree credits do not transfer towards a four-year bachelor’s degree without students losing course credits. Thanks to this AU partnership, SCC students have a seamless pathway to earning bachelor’s degree in business, elementary education and nursing after graduating from SCC. It’s really the best of both worlds for our students – they earn a two-year degree, put their knowledge to work in a job right after graduation, and then when they’re ready, can continue at Anderson University to earn a four-year degree.”

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