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2022 Great Package Race Planning Underway

November 2, 2021
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Students are learning firsthand what it takes to send missionaries overseas the items they need.

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Supply Chain Students in the Anderson University College of Business are learning about logistics while supporting humanitarian work overseas. They’ve begun preparations for The Great Package Race 2022 and are raising support to make it happen.

“We’re planning for the project next semester. So in Logistics (class) with Dr. Whitehead, they’re actually executing the plan. We’re giving Dr. Whitehead plans for that project. Basically what we’re doing is finding and selecting a missionary and getting information about the country where they live, different shipping laws and things like that,” said Hanna Christman, a junior Accounting major and Supply Chain Management minor who is leading the planning team.

“For me personally, especially with this project, it’s a unique way we can help someone. Just sending a package may not seem like a big deal but it’s going to mean a lot to them, just spreading the word of God around the country, especially the outreach areas,” said Noah Horton, a senior Supply Chain major. “In terms of just doing Supply Chain, it’s a puzzle where I need to find out all the pieces and put them together in order to complete your goal and, in this case, our goal is the Great Package Race.”

“I was really interested in business but there are just so many aspects of Supply Chain that I never really thought about until I started learning about them,” said Nate Ledford, a junior Supply Chain major. “One of my friends told me about Supply Chain because he was a Supply Chain concentration and he was telling me about the things that they do, all the moving parts you never think about until you’re actually learning them. It’s a really interesting process to learn. It’s applicable to a lot of areas.”

During the Spring 2022 Semester, students in the Logistics and Distribution course will execute what was planned, sending needed supplies to a missionary family they select. For details and to support the Great Package Race, contact Dr. Kimberly Whitehead.

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