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Learn from the best at AU’s College of Education

You never forget those teachers: the ones who taught you to love learning. They shared knowledge, and they communicated with zest. They relied on experience, but were not afraid to innovate. They challenged you. They inspired you.

If you’re considering a degree in education, you probably want to become that teacher.

At Anderson University, we equip you with the knowledge and training you need to become a servant leader in your future classroom. We understand that for you to become an excellent educator, you need to study with great teachers.

Meet Dr. Joanna Stegall and Dr. Margaret Walworth, two of our professors in the College of Education.

Dr. Joanna Stegall

Dr. Joanna StegallIf you plan to major in special education, you will likely study with Dr. Stegall, Department Chair of Special Education, who has 25 years of experience teaching grades 1-10. Dr. Stegall partners with local schools so special education majors can gain practical experience helping children with learning disabilities.

Dr. Stegall also encourages special education majors to apply for Student Research Initiative (SRI) grants. Students on grants work with Dr. Stegall on areas of research that interest them. Recently, one student conducted a study of fifth graders with learning disabilities in math and presented the results at a conference of the South Carolina Council for Exceptional Children.


Dr. Margaret WalworthDr. Margaret Walworth

At AU, academics are interwoven with Christian faith. Dr. Margaret Walworth, Associate Professor of Education, helps you apply your faith to your vocation through in-class discussions and service opportunities. During school breaks, Dr. Walworth leads mission trips to Belize, where she and students minister to children. While students and professors from other disciplines participate, education majors have the unique opportunity to apply their knowledge of education and child development. Dr. Walworth says she has seen students tutoring children in reading, writing, playing the guitar, and even tying their shoes.

“And that’s where it really tests them,” Dr. Walworth said, “because it’s not necessarily a pre-thought-of lesson plan.”

For Dr. Walworth, AU is the perfect fit because students and professors are encouraged to work out their faith while pursuing rigorous academics. In the College of Education, our professors combine experience, knowledge, and cutting edge research with compassion, character, and Christ-like servant-hood. Teaching is more than just a job: it’s the nurture of a generation.

If you want to learn to communicate knowledge, to instill strong character in your students, and to build community, AU’s College of Education can prepare you for this rewarding life of service. To learn more about our College of Education programs, fill out the form below.

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