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Laundry Information

Water & Energy-Efficient Washers and Dryers: Clean & Green

The Energy Star® rated, high-efficiency machines installed on campus clean effectively, help save time and are gentle on your clothes and the environment! High-efficiency, front loading machines hold more clothes and use less water than conventional laundry equipment saving you time and energy. For best results, use only 2 tbsp. of concentrated HE detergent; it’s specially formulated for high-efficiency machines

Need Laundry Help? The Campus Clothes Line® has the answers

Do you have a stubborn stain, need a refresher or a complete laundry education? Check out The Campus Clothes Line®, an interactive resource for all things laundry – including: laundry instructions & advice, stain tips, videos, prizes and more!

Change Point® – Digital Laundry is Here™

No need for coins or separate laundry cards – now you can use your personal debit or credit card for laundry transactions. This revolutionary technology also enables you to report service issues and request refunds from the laundry room.

LaundryView® & Text Alerts Make Laundry More Convenient

LaundryView allows you to check the status of machines in your laundry room online without ever setting foot outside your room. And the LaundryView® Text Alerts feature lets you ask the machine for a text message when your cycle is compete. Together they make doing laundry a breeze.

Customer Care Support

If a machine isn’t working properly, please call 1-800-MAC-GRAY (800-622-4729) to speak with one of Mac-Gray’s specially-trained Customer Care Representatives.