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Is HR An Unhealthy Profession?

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This is a really good question and the answer is, that it depends.  We certainly feel HR can be an unhealthy profession.  All HR professionals want to serve others and their differing positions or needs.  Typically, HR is put in the position of not being able to make everyone happy, which results in constant conflict much of the time.  The HR professional always seems to have a daily, unexpected crisis to deal with as nothing ever goes as planned. Steve notes that he was never able to get a big project, requiring dedicated time done in the office, and found himself doing those projects at home on weekends. Kelly has struggled to find the right balance of having her bucket full, but not overflowing. 

Many jobs are stressful, but none more than HR, especially the past 18 months. Always remember these things: 

  1. HR certainly can be an unhealthy profession.
  2. We must discipline ourselves to block time to focus on what is truly important.
  3. We must find time to relax, whether that is reading a book, taking a long walk, or whatever other activity works for you.
  4. We must find time and discipline ourselves to sleep.
  5. Make and organize lists and then get them done. (Kelly mentioned that she uses an app called Notability, from Apple, to help keep herself organized). 

Let’s face it, there is going to be stress in our lives.  We can’t control all the things that happen at work or in life, however, we can control how we respond and our attitude towards it.  Thanks for listening to Survive HR!


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