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General Information

Wireless Networking at Anderson University

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Student Email Accounts

All students are assigned an Anderson University Email Account. Students may access their email accounts via web browser by going to AUWebMail. An AU email address and password are required for access. Your Anderson University Email Account is the required means the University faculty and staff will use to contact you about university-related matters. It is vital that you check it often.

Access to many of our AU systems is controlled via your AU email address, we therefore urge you to be very protective of your password and change it often. All students will be required to change their email password at least once per year. If your password expires, you can use the “Forgot password” option from Microsoft or you can contact the Help Desk for assistance with this issue. If you reach out to the Help Desk for password assistance, you will be required to provide specific information in order to positively verify who you are. No Help Desk account resets can take place without positive identification.

Student Email Accounts are retained even after you leave Anderson University, provided that you access it at least once each year. Every six months, mailboxes that have not been accessed within the past six months will be disabled.

Student Printing

Every student gets a print allowance of $20 every semester for usage on the university provided printers located in the Thrift library and the Student Center print area. Printing to these printers is charged at the rate of $.05 per B/W side and $.25 per color side. The only color printer available for students is located in the Thrift library.

If a student needs to print more than their allowance will cover, they can go to AUCentral (located down the hall from the main entrance to the dining hall) and add money to their print balance. Money added to their print balance will be carried over from semester to semester and will only be used once their semester allotment is consumed.

If the printer runs out of ink, doesn’t print correctly, or if you have computer problems, please contact the IT Help Desk at 231-2457 or at

Printing in the Residence Halls

Wireless printers are not allowed in Anderson University residence halls. We recommend printers that work via USB or Bluetooth for your personal printing needs.

IT Department Assistance

The Anderson University IT Department staff can assist you with questions about and with difficulties you may have connecting to our network, SelfService and/or Canvas issues, email account issues, and general questions about computing resources at the university. Due to the large number of manufacturers and wide variety of computers, we cannot assist with hardware or operating system issues, especially since doing so can in many cases void warranties.

The IT Help Desk is located in the IT offices in the basement of Thrift down the long hall from Books and Beans. They are open M-F 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Microsoft Office

Anderson University provides the current version of Microsoft Office for both PC and Mac via a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. This license allows students access to the current Microsoft Office suite at no charge during the time they are enrolled at Anderson University. You can find instructions for downloading and installing the software appropriate for your computer at this address.

Internet Use & Email Policy

Be sure to read Anderson University’s Internet Use & Email Policy. All AU students, faculty, and staff are required to abide by it.

Please call us with any questions at (864) 231-2457, or email us at