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Alex Birch

Adjunct Professor of Music

Master of Music in Worship Studies, William Carey University
Bachelor of Music in Church Music, Southern Wesleyan University

It is my passion to guide young singers in their exploration of their God-given talent. Anderson University's comprehensive curriculum provides the opportunity for me to explore a variety of musical concepts and areas in the voice studio.

I enjoy discovering new music, composing, reading, acting in and music directing local theater productions, and playing video games.

I have lived my entire life in the upstate of South Carolina!

I am constantly inspired by the high level of excellence our students strive for. The atmosphere at Anderson University is one that encourages high levels of achievement for the glory of God, and I count myself blessed to be a part of this community.

The music field is one of the oldest disciplines in the world. Human beings have found innumerable ways to express their innermost thoughts and feelings through music. As musicians, we enter into this rich history and forge new paths of creativity. Music intersects with numerous other disciplines as well, such as medicine, physics, history, and many others. Those seeking a career in music will find that there is a world of possibilities open to them.

My teaching method incorporates music theory and history, as well as vocal physiology, in order to help every student find his or her own unique voice. I understand that each musician I teach has come to me to cultivate their God-given gifts, and it is my passion to aid them in becoming active stewards of these gifts, all for the glory of God. It is my desire to guide students in developing performance techniques that allow for longevity of singing in the service of the Lord, whatever genre the student might be interested in. I take into account historical performance practice along with freedom of expression in my students’ performance. Ultimately, I want my students to have fun and enjoy what they sing, finding new ways to challenge themselves as performers and music scholars, and setting them up for a life of healthy singing long after they leave my studio.