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Course Schedule

Graduate courses in the School of Public Service and Administration are one semester in length, and students typically enroll in two courses at a time. Class meetings take place on campus during the last week of the month. These meetings provide not only a time for in-class instruction, but they also give students an opportunity to interact with classmates to develop camaraderie and learn from one another. The schedule below shows the projected course rotation for the Master of Criminal Justice program.

First Fall

CRJ 550 – Crime, Law & the Legal System (4 Semester Hours)
CRJ 601 – Applied Research Methods (4 Semester Hours)

First Spring

CRJ 501 – The Role of Chief Executive (4 Semester Hours)
CRJ 655 – Executive Liability (4 Semester Hours)



CRJ 615 – Managing a Multicultural & Ethical Department (4 Semester Hours)

Second Fall

CRJ 510 – The Dynamics of Administration (4 Semester Hours)
CRJ 560 – The Media and Political Survival (4 Semester Hours)

Second Spring

CRJ 605 – Criminal Justice Policy Analysis (4 Semester Hours)
CRJ 640 – Strategic & Tactical Planning (4 Semester Hours)