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About the School of Nursing

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Relate, Respond, Restore

The case is clear. Four-year-old Kaylee needs anesthesia. A third of her mouth needs serious dental work. As a nurse, you explain the process and reassure mom that she’ll be okay. Then, with skill, you befriend Kaylee, gain her trust, and care for her throughout the operation. After surgery, Kaylee opens her big, blue eyes, and you receive your reward: knowing that you helped her through something that’ll improve her health.

It’s incredibly rewarding work. Simply put, nurses meet people’s needs: from managing care in operating rooms to advocating for patient’s rights in Congress. In the twenty-first century, nurses are in high demand—and will continue to be—as we seek solutions to America’s healthcare needs. The bottom line: your future will be bright as a nurse, and your pay will be good too: starting salaries for registered nurses (RNs) range from $55,000 to $60,000, depending on where you work. Having a Bachelor of Science in Nursing begins your nursing career, opens the door to leadership and management positions, and qualifies you for graduate-level training in nursing and healthcare.

Anderson’s nursing professors welcome you. With our Christ-centered ethos, a faculty comprised only of working nurses, and our new, state-of-the-art facility, there’s no better place to become a nurse than Anderson University.


Anderson’s motto, “Humanitatem per crucem alere,” means “Serve mankind through the cross.” It’s a reference to Christians’ call to serve others on behalf of Christ. What better way to serve than to meet the healthcare needs of others? As a nursing student at Anderson, you’ll learn how to meet spiritual as well as physical needs, be it offering to pray for a patient—or his family members—or serving on a medical missions team in places such as Nicaragua. Either way, our professors will both train and inspire you: train you to become a skillful nurse and inspire you to use your skills to serve others in the spirit of Christ.

Studying at this Christ-centered university also means that your professors will have a heart for you. They see teaching as a ministry. And when you declare nursing as a major, a faculty advisor will be assigned to you.  Your advisor will guide, support and encourage you along the way.

Our nursing professors have another rare distinction: they all work as nurses every week. With their recent experiences, they’ll teach you exactly what current nursing is like—not what it was before they left to teach years ago.


At AU, you’ll study on state-of-the-art equipment in our 26,500-square-foot facility. You’ll learn anatomy in the Center for Medical Simulation’s cadaver and state-of-the-art simulation lab. And you’ll gain experience using Electronic Health Records, a key tool in modern medicine. Even before your nursing courses, you’ll use the iPad you’re issued as a freshman to complete projects and get a closer look at dissections in your science classes.

Expect to thrive as a nursing student at Anderson with our integration of faith, service, and teaching, our belief that the best nursing professors are working nurses, and our multi-million dollar facility.