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There are numerous options available for students who wish to teach abroad. We are partnered with the Consortium for Global Education that has programs available so that students can gain first hand instructional experience in the field. Whether you want to instruct for a short term or summer, teaching abroad is a valuable experience for any major. The length and variety of programs vary. Please note that programs vary and some are paid, most are unpaid. In addition, many still require a travel fee and additional costs that vary depending upon the country and program you select. Unless otherwise indicated, these programs are not for credit, rather experiential learning, which would help, develop your resume and future employability.

Please note that CAPA’s semester and summer programs have internships to teach abroad for elective credit if you are interested in gaining credit for the experience of teaching abroad.  If you are interested in, please review our semester and summer academic programs. In addition, please meet with the International Programs Office as well as your academic advisor for assistance.


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