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Vietnam & Cambodia

Location: Vietnam & Cambodia

Semester: Spring 2019

Course Information: 3 credits – Core Course/General Education

Lead Faculty: Robert Homer-Drummond, Professor of Theater

Travel Assistant: TBA ​

Course Title: Understanding the Long-term Effects of War in Vietnam and Cambodia through Travel and Study

Course Code: IS 398 Vietnam

Course Description: The course will focus on the destructive elements of war that many modern Americans have become desensitized to. It will also focus on the after-effects of war that may be experienced by those who have never been through the actual event(s). Specially, it will involve study of and travel to the countries of Vietnam and Cambodia. Both countries have experienced long periods of conventional warfare that continue to leave the populace scarred physically, psychologically and spiritually and are inextricably tied to the history of warfare in the United States.

Travel Dates: December 6, 2018 to December 21, 2018

Price: $4,040.00

Housing/Accommodations: Local hotels

General Travel Itinerary: Vietnam and Cambodia

Eligibility Requirements: Students must be eligible juniors or seniors (at least a 2.5 GPA) and who have not attended a previous AU Abroad program. Sophomores can attend, but are not eligible for AU abroad scholarship.

Scholarship: For this course – IS 398 Vietnam and Cambodia, all students are eligible for the full $1000.00 scholarship. Therefore, the total will be $3040.00 after the scholarship is awarded. 

Contact: or for more information.

Registration: Students register for AU Abroad during their normal registration for the semester. Registration is based upon class standing. Payment can be made in person, in Anderson Central (G. Ross Anderson Jr. Student Center) or online through self-service. You can pre-pay for any AU Abroad program by making a deposit to the semester account which the class will take place. Please advise Anderson Central that the pre-payment is for AU Abroad, what semester and which country you will be travelling.

The travel is in December and the class is a Spring course. Students must make payment arrangement for the international travel fee well in advance of spring 19 registration. Students can make pre-payments for this class during the summer of 2018. *The payment arrangement for this international program is currently being reviewed. Students are advised that since the travel is taking place in December, payment will be due in full by September. Therefore, check with Professor Robert Homer-Drummond for updates to the payment schedule. Payments will be required before spring registration in order to purchase flights and travel accommodations. (Payments are non-refundable unless the class is canceled for lack of enrollment.)