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Maintaining Visa Status

The majority of international students at Anderson University enter on an F-1 student visa. As an international student on an F-1 visa in the United States, you need to maintain your F-1 status by following the requirements set forth by US Homeland Security. The main regulations are:

  1. maintaining a full course of study,
  2. not working in the US without proper approval (see employment section for more information),
  3. enrolling in an adequate US health insurance plan,
  4. maintaining satisfactory academic progress, as well as informing the Center for Global Engagement of your address change, major change as well as changes in your financial status.

The advisors in the Center for Global Engagement are experts in immigration and international student advising, and can help you with any questions you have regarding maintaining your status.

Full Course of Study Requirements


All F-1 international undergraduate students (students taking classes to achieve a bachelors degree) need to take a full course of study (at least 12 credits) each traditional semester. Students can take 9 credits of traditional courses and one on line class, however we recommend that you take a minimum of 12 credits of traditional coursework and any additional classes can be on line. F-1 international status in the United States requires full time enrollment each semester. International students in F1 status, cannot take all online courses, since they are required to attend traditional (in person) and/or hybrid courses. International students on an F-1 visa also cannot take Adult Studies or hybrid courses unless they have already met the minimum full time enrollment for legal F-1 status. Undergraduate international students can take the summer off as their annual break and do not need to register for the summer.

Graduate Students

F-1 international students enrolled in a graduate program need to maintain continuous enrollment for each semester that totals 6 credits of coursework per semester. This would be three credits of hybrid course work for each term within the semester.

In addition, the F-1 status requires that international students who are legally in the US are here to reach their educational goal of obtaining a degree. International students in the MSBA, PMSBA, MSCS, MSITM, and MSCM do not get an annual summer break because the program requires continual attendance.

Please note: International students issued I-20s for F-1 status cannot take all on line courses. They can take online courses in addition to the 6 credits of hybrid required to maintain status each semester.

Your faculty advisor will assist you with which classes you must enroll in each term. If you have any questions about full course of study requirement, the Center for Global Engagement can assist you with immigration support.