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Business – Financial Analysis

A Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in financial analysis prepares you for a world craving data-based and wise solutions for big-picture and everyday financial problems and opportunities. Corporations, startups and average people will turn to you for answers, and you’ll have the tools to provide them.

The Core of Your Training

The basis of your expertise in financial analysis is comprised of several key subjects through which you’ll learn how to creatively solve problems in economics and finance:

Processing numerical information
You’ll discover that using data in a way that benefits your company and clients is a matter of knowing how to collect, analyze and interpret numbers. Your focus in these areas will teach you how to handle data with professionalism and precision.

Manage portfolios
When a company brings you into its fold, its leaders expect excellence from you. And, in the business world, that means generating returns. You’ll manage a simulated portfolio, then analyze and evaluate your decisions and their effect on your portfolio.

Understanding the big picture
Economies around the world operate in different ways. As a result, wealth and its distribution vary from one economy to another. You’ll do a deep dive into free markets, monopolies, oligopolies and monopolistic competition as part of your understanding of microeconomics. You’ll pair this knowledge with macroeconomics in which you’ll grapple with inflation, unemployment, production and corresponding economic theories.

Translating Training into Employment or Graduate School

The skills and savvy you glean from your financial analysis concentration prepare you for a wide variety of positions in the professional world. Graduates of your caliber can become financial professionals, including:

  • financial planners
  • investment bankers
  • commercial bankers
  • insurance analysts

This program can also prepare you for graduate school. Alumni have pursued graduate degrees at the following schools:

  • University of Chicago
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Wake Forest University

Connections with the CFA  

Anderson is part of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) University Affiliation Program, which means the curriculum you learn is laden with the CFA’s standards for financial analysis programs, standards which the CFA created based on the experiences and input of countless financial professionals.

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Merging Faith and Analysis

Financial markets and products aren’t outside the principles of your Christian faith. Your work as a financial analyst is, in a way, the pursuit of truth. You help individuals and businesses see the real value of a particular asset, protecting them from deceiving pricing and helping them prosper. As you fuel fair and efficient markets, the growth that results has the potential to help those struggling to strengthen their finances.