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Anderson University College of Business

Dr. Laneika Musalini: Empowering women

For Dr. Laneika Musalini, an Anderson University degree was a vehicle that took her from just having a job to having a meaningful career.

Learning about leadership at a faith-based institution helped her to advance academically and professionally. She’s also dedicated to empowering women to rise above their circumstances and realize their God-given potential.

Tell us about how you chose Anderson University.

I chose to attend Anderson University because it offered a major that I was interested in and classes in the evening while I was working full-time. The institution was close to home, which was important. I also had a personal connection to AU because my grandmother and her sister both worked there when I was a child. AU was the first college that I ever saw and I told myself that I would someday attend school there. AU being a Christian-based institution was absolute icing on the cake! In my opinion, AU was perfect for me.

What are some ways your AU education has helped you professionally and in other areas of your life?

My AU education encouraged me to think more critically and analytically about today’s issues. As a working adult, I was able to immediately apply what I was learning to my daily job. I was so determined to be successful in my studies, so I overly applied myself wholeheartedly. I developed this tenacity that has driven my life over the last 18 years. I was a mom, I worked full-time, and I was a student. As a first-generation college student, I had to make my education attainment happen for my family.

My AU education helped me to further develop into a professional. It was also a starting point for me to advance into an actual career instead of just having a job. After receiving my degree from AU, I was promoted within 1.5 years. I have continued to grow as a Christian and a leader. My experience at Anderson built on the foundation that I established at Tri-County Technical College, making me a well-rounded student and individual. I now have a doctorate degree, and I just celebrated 13 years of ministry with Women’s Empowerment Inc.

Tell us about the organization you founded.

I am the president and founder of Women’s Empowerment Incorporated, a non-profit, Christian organization established to empower women to be better mothers, wives, role models, and community leaders by strengthening their faith, self-esteem, health, and relationships. I founded Women’s Empowerment, which was a vision from God, 13 years ago. One of the major events of Women’s Empowerment Incorporated is the annual Women’s Empowerment Conference, which has served more than 3,800 women. Through this event, women have been saved, delivered, and set free.

In addition to the Women’s Empowerment Conference, Women’s Empowerment Inc., holds workshops, does community service, and supports other nonprofit organizations.

Tell us about something unique/noteworthy about your journey to what you’re doing now.

Throughout my life, I have been through trials and tribulations that God has used to strengthen me, mold me, and shape me into the woman that I am today. Situations have equipped me to be able to empathize with other women and empower them to keep pushing. When I look back over my life, I can see where God’s hand was moving the entire time. I’m so grateful for His unfailing love towards me.

Dr. Laneika Musalini
Graduated from Anderson University: 2006
Degree: Bachelor’s in Human Resources
Title: Director of Sponsored Programs at Columbus State University and founder of Women’s Empowerment Incorporated