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AU Trojan

William Monts

Associate Vice President Dean of Traditional Admission
Admission and Financial Aid

(864) 231-5661  |  Email

Baxter Morgan

Director of Traditional Admission

(864) 760-1171  |  Email

Lucas Moore

Director of Communications and Operations
International Students

(864) 231-5662  |  Email

Joshua Pruitt

Director of Post-Traditional Undergraduate Admission and Advising
Dual Enrollment

(864) 231-5673  |  Email

Madi Carter

Assistant Director of Traditional Admission
College of Health Professions

(864) 231-2040  |  Email

Megan Knight

Senior Admission Counselor
South Carolina School of the Arts

(864) 231-5583  |  Email

Sydney Black

Senior Admission Counselor
College of Christian Studies, College of Education,
School of Interior Design

(864) 231-5766  |  Email

Brittany Padilla

Admission Counselor
College of Business, Undecided

(864) 231-5669  |  Email

Cooper Reynolds

Admission Counselor
College of Engineering, Center for Cybersecurity
School of Public Service and Administration

(864) 760-1145  |  Email

Tucker Black

Admission Counselor
College of Arts and Sciences, Undecided

(864) 328-1762  |  Email