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AU Trojan

The College of Education is located in Johnston Hall, a 14,000-square-foot, three-story building. Standing in close proximity to the university’s entrance, the multi-columned edifice rises as a stately reminder of the proud tradition of nearly a century of academic and spiritual training. The comfortable lobby of the building affords students the opportunity to relax before classes, and the curriculum lab on the second floor provides an environment where teacher candidates gather to chat, study, and access educational resources. The building includes five spacious classrooms, equipped with interactive whiteboards by Smart Technologies, as well as a mobile computer lab that give teacher candidates opportunities to become confident users of the most current pedagogical tools. Teacher candidates have ready access to administrators, faculty, and staff whose offices are conveniently located on all three levels in the building. The meticulous attention to the infusion of the interior design and natural light is especially conducive to a satisfying learning environment.


Johnston Hall