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About the College of Business

Our grads work in industries from manufacturing to banking. They’ve served as chief information officer for global chemical maker BASF and as vice presidents for Hersey’s and BB&T bank. Like you, upon graduation they wanted a job or entry into grad school. Gaining skills that all businesses need—skills in accounting, marketing, IT, and management — is a great strategy to land a job in any field. You can acquire this skill set at AU’s College of Business.

Common Business Core

Your concentration may be financial economics, but if you work at a firm such as Merrill Lynch, you’ll still need to know how the marketing department works. So, whatever your business concentration, you will take 13 core classes that will ensure you receive a well-rounded business education. These classes, which range from Introduction to Financial Accounting to Principles of Marketing, introduce students to the business functions of marketing, accounting, employee management, and manufacturing.

Master of Business Administration

In addition to a bachelor’s degree in business, AU offers a 36-credit-hour Master of Business Administration, which students can earn in 20 months through the University Center of Greenville in Greenville, South Carolina, or online from anywhere!

Christian Ethics

Contemporary culture doesn’t have a problem with ethical behavior that’s in the gray zone. But the Bible tells us our behavior should be “above reproach” and that we should avoid the mere “appearance of (doing) evil.” This standard is high, but it’s the philosophy you can expect to learn as an undergraduate or graduate student in the College of Business. You’ll learn to conduct business in an ethical manner that’s rooted in Christ’s teachings. In fact, Christian ethics is integrated into your business classes and taught by professors who are Christians. They’ll share first-hand experiences of how to stay faithful to Christian values of truth and compassion in companies and the marketplace.


Before you graduate from our undergrad program, you will spend a minimum of 150 hours performing substantial work for a business. In recent years, our students helped organize a conference for Synnex Corporation, which distributes technology products for Microsoft and other IT firms. Whether you’re planning the schedule for conference speakers or developing a web page for a major corporation, you’re practicing lessons from your coursework and meeting people who can help you land a job. In addition to internships, you’ll also get the opportunity to tour manufacturing plants, such as the BMW site in Greer, South Carolina, so you can directly observe how companies operate.

Your future

Our graduates work in Fortune 500 companies, other businesses, and non-profits, performing functions from management to marketing. After graduating from the College of Business, which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, you’ll be able to serve organizations in the following capacities:

  • Managing people
  • Communicating effectively
  • Marketing a service or product
  • Performing accounting functions
  • Creating efficient processes
  • Leading and serving others

Whether your dream job is running a church or a national chain, your business education will give you the know-how to help it run effectively.