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Student Update: Anderson University Operations

March 17, 2020
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As Anderson University begins offering online delivery of classes we have important information to share with you about the status of operations

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As Anderson University begins offering online delivery of classes beginning Monday, March 23, we have important information to share with you about the status of University operations. At this time, online instruction will continue until April 3.  At least shortly before April 3, we will inform you whether online delivery will continue beyond April 3.

Please read this entire IMPORTANT MESSAGE carefully.

The Anderson University COVID-19 task force, on behalf of the Anderson University Senior Leadership team, is taking aggressive action to do its part to help slow the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel Coronavirus. This includes reducing the number of staff working on campus by transitioning to remote work assignments. 


  • Until further notice, all academic buildings and common spaces including, but not limited to, the Student Center, Abney Athletic Center, Thrift Library, and Rainey Fine Arts Center, will remain closed. Students will not be permitted to enter those areas. 


  • Gatherings are prohibited, in accordance with guidelines provided by the White House and federal and state public health authorities. University staff has no choice but to strictly enforce these prohibitions, and encourage social distancing – all for everyone’s wellbeing. 


  • Dining services are being maintained, but options are limited and dine-in service in the Dining Commons is suspended. All meals are being served as takeout. 


  • Campus activities of any kind are canceled until further notice. This includes, but is not limited to, CEP events, Campus Worship and athletic events.  At this time, we have not made a decision about Commencement as we feel it is too early to determine.  As this situation progresses, we will make a decision about whether we need to postpone Commencement.


  • While Anderson University is not closed, students without a clear reason to be on campus should not be on campus. Residential students with unique circumstances should contact Residence Life for further guidance. Residents who need to access your residence hall room for books and/or other learning materials and possessions should also contact Residence Life for guidance.


  • Residential students without unique circumstances should take steps to stay off campus until further notice and make plans to continue their education using the online opportunities the University makes available. You are not required to move your belongings out of your residence hall at this this time.  (We believe it is too early to determine if normal operations can be resumed prior to the end of the semester.)

Please keep in mind: this is a rapidly evolving public health emergency, and circumstances are subject to change, much as they already have. We continue to appreciate your patience and understanding as we collectively address the complexity the COVID-19 pandemic as it impacts our campus. Our priorities are the health of students and the community and making sure students stay on course with their educational requirements. 

These are difficult measures to take, but necessary and prudent. It is imperative that our entire campus community take the COVID-19 threat seriously. Our #1 concern has been, and will continue to be, the health and safety of our students. Also important are sacrifices we are collectively making for the health of our community while carrying out and supporting the instruction of students, via online learning, and making every effort to enable our students to fulfill their academic requirements. The COVID-19 task force has spent many hours trying to balance these goals and we need your help.

As always, continue monitoring our dedicated COVID-19 web page. In addition, we are making regular updates to the FAQ section of that page. That page, along with emailed updates, should be carefully and completely read to ensure the most accurate information. 

Thank you again for your patience, prayers, and understanding.


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