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AU Business Professor Wins National Teaching Award

October 10, 2016

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Anderson University business professor Chris Neuenschwander has been named the recipient of the Christian Business Faculty Association’s Teaching Award for 2016.

The award was to have been presented to Neuenschwander at the annual convention of the association, but that meeting was cancelled due to the effects of Hurricane Matthew last weekend.

Here is some information about the CBFA Teaching Award:


The perfect model of the ultimate teacher is our Lord Jesus Christ. As a content expert who used creative pedagogy to challenge his students, he was called by God to the ministry of teaching, and to live out the authentic revelation of Almighty God in his work as Master Teacher. Christ did the work of transformational, life-changing teaching. First and foremost, the CBFA teaching award honors this model of Christ as teacher, transformer.

The CBFA Teaching Award was established by the Christian Business Faculty Association to perpetuate Christ-like teaching and to recognize Christian business faculty members who emulate the character, engagement, and calling of Christ to the work and ministry of transformational education.


The Teaching Award was initiated and funded through an endowment by the members of CBFA. The importance of teaching to members of CBFA is illustrated by the member-driven nature and support of this award.


Candidates who are current members of CBFA with a current teaching role are eligible to be nominated.

Candidates for the CBFA Teaching Award should model excellence in intellectual rigor, student engagement, creative pedagogy, service, and exemplary faith integration in classroom teaching. The person who receives the CBFA Teaching Award emulates the character, engagement, and calling of Christ to the work and ministry of transformational education.

Potential recipients are evaluated based upon the candidate’s demonstrated commitment to, and evidence of:

Philosophy and calling to Christian higher education

Faith integration in the discipline and in classroom teaching

Teaching performance and student engagement

Intellectual stimulation and professional contribution

Transformational education


The honoree receives a plaque, a monetary award and a public tribute.

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