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A Way of Life

Experiential, Community-Driven Innovation in Higher Education

AU is a national leader in creating connected learning experiences among faculty, staff, students–and the community.

Anderson University is a proud partner with Apple in creating an environment where education is sparked by inspiration, fueled by imagination, and where its impact is felt across campus…and beyond.

Inspiration at Anderson University


Classroom innovation leads to statewide award for professor

Center for Cybersecurity is preparing students for a changing digital landscape

Do libraries still matter? New Thrift Library director’s answer is emphatic as AU continues its focus on 21st century learning and research

Imagination at Anderson University


Resurrecting ancient typography in a digital age, professor and students are connecting the past with the future

AU professor is looking to outer space to solve earthbound issues

Making ideas a reality: College of Business students compete to bring innovative products into the marketplace

Anderson University is leading the way in rethinking course materials—and saving students money—with the Trojan Textbook program

Impact at Anderson University

BroadcastingStudio (6)

AU students tell painful story–and seek racial reconciliation–through powerful documentary

Fulbright Scholar Program connecting Anderson University with tech school in Nigeria

The South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University graduate is on a quest to save endangered species

AU’s graduate-level instructional design degree is lauded as a program of excellence

It's a Daily Occurrence

Since becoming an Apple Distinguished School for the first time nearly 10 years ago, Anderson University’s ongoing digital transformation is apparent across campus.

Whether it is in a biochemistry class where students can take real time photographs of molecules and analyze and manipulate them in 3D on an iPad, or in The South Carolina School of the Arts where art students can instantly access the world’s greatest paintings or review art techniques online while they are painting, Anderson University is proud to partner with Apple in our shared goal of helping students engage and learn today, tomorrow, and into the future.