Lifelong Learning Institute


Marketing the many cultural enrichment opportunities for the mature adults in Anderson and surrounding areas through the Lifelong Learning Institute at Anderson University

Goal: $7,500


Provides public awareness of the affordable, short-term academic and leisure opportunities available for mature adults through the AU Lifelong Learning Institute.

The Mission of the Lifelong Learning Institute at AU

The LLI at AU is an organization which presents both academic and leisure activities to interest and inform its members. Through opportunities to share learning and to socialize in a school environment without grades or tests, LLI supports mature learners in their quest for knowledge and seeks programs to interest those in our community.

Lifelong Learning Institute at Anderson University

Our LLI Catalogs are mailed twice a year to 1,200 area adults, and an additional 800 copies are shared at local groups (Rotary Clubs, churches, and other organizations), and copies left at local businesses and in doctors' offices. We currently offer 33 courses and six free courses for our members. Our current courses include Spanish, writing, literature, history, music, exercise (T'ai Chi Chih, yoga, and Barre Fusion), quilting, sailing, nature, religion, bridge, chocolate, finance, and travel.

The Vision of Anderson University

For God and humanity, Anderson University seeks to be an innovative, entrepreneurial, premier comprehensive university where liberal arts, professional studies, and graduate studies thrive within an uplifting, welcoming, and distinctively Christian community of diverse faculty, staff and students dedicated to intellectually rigorous learning, a caring and hospitable campus culture, and personal transformation.

The Vision of the LLI at AU

The vision of the LLI at AU is to capture the spirit and thoughts of AU's vision for adults who live in our community and surrounding areas. Through intellectual studies, caring instructors, our hospitable campus culture, and the myriad opportunities to gather to build a positive network of other learners, we have enhanced the lives of many adults; introduced them to continued studies, to our arts, music, and theatre programs; and have provided a social network where before and after class, many of our participants enjoy a meal together in the Anderson University Dining Commons.