South Carolina School of the Arts

Nathan J. Cox

Associate Dean of the South Carolina School of the Arts, Professor of Art, Department of Art and Design Foundations Program Coordinator

Chotsani Elaine Dean

Assistant Professor of Art Ceramics

Jane A. Dorn

Associate Professor of Art / Graphic Design

Deirdre Welborn Francis

Associate Professor of Music, Voice

Clarissa Gainey

Assistant Professor of Art

Robert Homer-Drummond

Associate Professor of Theater

Peter John Kaniaris

Professor of Art

Howard Kim

Associate Professor of Music, Piano

David Larson

Dean of the South Carolina School of the Arts and Professor of Theatre

Jean Ellen Linkins

Part-time faculty member. Music

Deborah McEniry

Professor of Theatre; Chair of Theatre Department

Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers

Chair, Department of Art & Design; Professor of Art

Douglas Richard Norwine

Assistant Professor of Music, Commercial Music

David L. Perry

Chair, Department of Music, Music Education

Andrew Howard Pettus

Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Instrumental Activities

Terrie West Poore

Assistant Professor of Dance

Jessica Snyder

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Tim Speaker

Associate Professor of Art

Jan Bridwell Walker

Instructor of Art

Tommy L. Watson Jr.

Associate Professor of Music, Voice

Candace Weddle

Assistant Professor of Art History

Joe Wehunt

Assistant Professor of Music, Worship Leadership

Richard Anthony Williamson

Professor of Music, Theory and Composition, Director of Choral Activities

Cara Wood

Associate Professor of Theatre

Susan B. Wooten

Vice Provost, Professor of Art

College of Arts & Sciences

Dorota Abramovitch

Professor of Chemistry

David K. Burden

Professor of History

Rachel Liz Butler

Lecturer of Spanish

Lindsey W. Cain

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Wayne Cox

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of English

Joni McCullar Criswell

Assistant Professor of Biology

Jacque Lynn White Davison

Associate Professor of Mathematics

James Duncan

Associate Professor of Communication

Paige Ellisor-Catoe

Assistant Professor of English

Gilbert Eyabi

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Robert G. Franklin, Jr.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Kim H. Freeman

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Bob Hanley

Vice Provost for Academic Advising, Professor of English and Education

Jim Haughey

Professor of English, Department Chairman

Christopher L. Hopkins

Assistant Professor of Biology

Diana Ivankovic

Professor of Biology

Matthew D. Jacobs

Assistant Professor of History

Teresa Jones

Associate Professor of English

Carrie Koenigstein

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Biology and Chemistry

Tom Kozel

Professor of Biology

John C. Lassiter

Professor of History

Laurie J. Murray

Lecturer of English

Rocky Nation

Associate Professor of Biology

Jason K. Neill

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Kolawole Olaiya

Professor of English

Conny Palacios

Associate Professor

David Prager

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Charles Rains

Professor of Physics

Lewie Reece

Assistant Professor

Robert Reeves

Assistant Professor of Communication

Joy M. Rish

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Patty Slaughter

Associate Professor of Psychology, Chair of Department of Behavioral Sciences

Ashlyn Smith

Lecturer of Chemistry

Anna Lee Hays Smolen

Assistant Professor of Biology, Supervisor of Human Dissection Lab

Allison Stewart

Assistant Professor of Sociology

S. Andrew "Drew" Stowe

Assistant Professor and Writing Center Director

Jennifer Triplett

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Randall Wilhelm

Assistant Professor of English

School of Nursing

Susan E. Allen

Associate Professor

Carol K. Archuleta

Dean, School of Nursing

Krystal Beeks

Assistant Professor

Stephanie P. Brock

Clinical Nurse Lecturer

Sanquinette S. Brownlee

Clinical Nurse Lecturer

Cynthia R. Cross

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Jaclyn K. Gaulden

Assistant Professor

Edith D. Hamilton

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Karen Hardin

Assistant Nursing Professor

Deanna Bland Hiott

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Casey Hopkins

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Angie King

Assistant Professor

Marilyn Kretzmer

Clinical Lecturer

Donna McIntire

Clinical Lecturer

Angelina Moon

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Andrea N. Raines

Assistant Professor of Nursing and RN to BSN Program Coordinator

Beth Schultz

Undergraduate Chair & Associate Professor

Debra Seegers

Program Coordinator for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program, Associate Professor

Elizabeth F. Snyder

Graduate Chair, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Kimberly B. Speer

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Whitney Williams

Instructor, School of Nursing

Catherine Counihan Wilson

Assistant Professor

College of Christian Studies

Greg Allgood

Instructor of Christian Studies, Associate Director of Campus Worship

Kristopher K. Barnett

Associate Dean of the David T. Clamp Graduate School of Christian Ministry

Bryan Howard Cribb

Associate Professor of Christian Studies, Chair of Undergraduate Christian Studies

Channing L. Crisler

Assistant Professor of Christian Studies

Michael Duduit

Dean, College of Christian Studies, Professor of Christian Ministry

Chuck Fuller

Assistant Professor of Christian Studies

Timothy Ray McKnight

Assistant Professor of Christian Studies

James Ezra Motes

Associate Professor of Christian Ministry

Ryan Neal

Assistant Provost, Co-Director of the Honors Program, Associate Professor of Christian Studies

James D. Noble

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry

School of Interior Design

Erica Bartels

Assistant Professor of Interior Design

Anne Martin

Associate Professor, Dean of School of Interior Design

Sarah Owens

Assistant Professor of Interior Design

School of Allied Health

Katherine Bennett

Part time Faculty

Amy R. Cromer

Adjunct Professor

Willie J. Day Jr.

Adjunct Professor

Eleisha Garland

Coordinator of Competency Based Education

School of Criminal Justice

Marion F. Blackwell Jr.

Adjunct Professor

James Howard Murphy

Assistant Professor, Bachelor of Emergency Services Management Degree Program Coordinator

Fred A. Newell

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice

Timothy Turner

Dean, School of Public Service and Administration

David T. Williams

Adjunct Professor

Clarence J. Williamson

Adjunct Professor

College of Business

Janice J. Bosman

Lecturer of Computer Information Systems

John Duncan

Associate Dean of the College of Business and Professor of Accounting

John W. Frazier

Professor of Management

Douglas Goodwin

Associate Professor of Management

William R. Hanson

Adjunct Professor of Leadership, Director of International Business Research Center

Miren Ivankovic

Professor of Economics and Finance

Valerie Johnston

Assistant Professor of Healthcare Management

Bruce R. Lockhart

Lecturer of Marketing

Evie C. Maxey

Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management

Jeffrey Moore

Professor of Management

Steve Nail

Dean, College of Business

Chris Neuenschwander

Associate Professor

Valerie J. Owens

Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems

Kent Trainor Saunders

Professor of Finance and Economics

Gregory Alan Silver

Associate Professor

Gordon Smith

Associate Professor of Economics and Finance

Joe Spencer

Professor of Marketing

Teresa “Terri” Taylor

Assistant Professor of Accounting

M. Ross Walters

Adjunct Professor

Kimberly Whitehead

Assistant Professor of Management

School of Human Performance

Jennifer Bossi

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Rebecca Buck

Instructor of Kinesiology

Vanessa Rettinger

Program Director, School of Human Performance and Department Chair of Kinesiology

Rodney M. Rutland

Associate Professor and Director of Human Performance Laboratory

College of Education

Sheliah G. Durham

Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Secondary Education Programs

Tammy Spain Haislip

Professor of Education

Anastasia Homer

Assistant Professor of Education

Mark Joseph

Assistant Professor of Education

Larry Russell Knighton

Assistant Professor of Education

Gary Lee Mosley

Assistant Professor of Education

Lynette Martin Pannell

Lecturer of Education

Joanna B. Stegall

Associate Dean of the College of Education

College of Health Professions

Donald M. Peace, Jr.

Dean, College of Health Professions