West African Ensemble

The Anderson University West African Ensemble is a student organization and music ensemble (MUP 123-I) that performs with guest artists from Conakry Guinea, and performs in a variety of venues including churches, schools, and community organizations. The purpose of the AU West African Ensemble is to:

  • glorify our creative Lord through performance of diverse arts
  • develop creative capabilities through performing in a diverse performance practice
  • develop a broader understanding and appreciation of West African performance practices of the Malinke people groups.
  • make available to members opportunities for development in the arts of dance and music
  • acquaint students with the privileges and responsibilities of learning and applying music and dance as art forms
  • assist the university in various projects throughout the year

If you are interested in participating in this diverse music and dance ensemble, contact Dr. David L. Perry, AU West African Ensemble Director, at 864-231-2076 or dperry@andersonuniversity.edu.