Unlike other campus groups that focus on worship leadership or classical music, AUthenticity also performs commercial music: everything from R&B, soul, classic rock, and pop songs from the 1950s to today, to jazz, bluegrass, traditional hymns, and contemporary Christian music. AUthenticity members also act as university ambassadors, as they share their experiences as students.

Specialty Groups, Instrumentation, and Rehearsals

The seven students currently selected for AUthenticity practice twice a week for 90 minutes each day. The ensemble can subdivide into three or more smaller groups, according to performance requests. These sub-groups include Solid Gold (rock, funk, and pop), Gold Rush (bluegrass), and Liquid Gold (contemporary jazz).

Some band members are singers, while others play guitar, drums, keyboard, synthesizer, mandolin, saxophone, and Dobro. Roles can shift, according to interests and needs. For example, these multi-talented musicians can play various instruments, depending on the performance or worship request.

From Festivals to the South Carolina State House

The schedule for AUthenticity’s performances varies each year. The group has performed at a legislative luncheon at the South Carolina State House, Baptist association meetings, the Anderson Motor Speedway, as well as corporate functions, festivals, parades, schools, and churches. AUthenticity is the most requested group to perform at Ram Cat Alley in Seneca, South Carolina, during its weekly Jazz on The Alley series. The group is also invited to open for famous beach bands, such as The Catalinas  and The Tams . AUthenticity performed when executives from Apple presented AU with its Apple Distinguished School award.

Distinguished Direction

The directors of AUthenticity are Doug Norwine and his wife, Kelley Norwine.

Doug Norwine is an Assistant Professor of Music and the Director of The Johnny Mann Center for Commercial Music at AU’s South Carolina School of the Arts. He is an award-winning saxophonist with a successful, decades-long career in Los Angeles. He has performed on many TV shows, such as The Simpsons, Full House, Roseanne, Seinfeld, and The Tonight Show. He has also toured and/or recorded with many artists including Chaka Kahn, Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Valli, and Sheena Easton.

Kelley Norwine is the Director of External Relations for The South Carolina School of the Arts and recruits for the school’s Master of Music Education program. With degrees in music and business, and a master’s degree in ministry, she has led music ministry for many years in churches from Los Angeles to Dallas and in South Carolina.


“AUthenticity’s goal is to display musical excellence and show integrity in a Christian manner,” says AUthenticity co-director Doug Norwine. “Another goal is to promote the university and display the caliber and class of our student body…we want to let everyone know that the commercial music program at Anderson University is not only flourishing, but growing exponentially.”

Booking AUthenticity

Anyone interested in booking AUthenticity should contact Kelley or Doug Norwine . There is no cost for performance. “We are often given an honorarium, but we don’t expect it or ask for it,” Kelley Norwine says. “This is a service we enjoy doing because our goal is to make everyone aware of the superb music program at Anderson University.”

On-the-job Training

“It’s great to be able to go out and play so many places,” an AUthenticity guitarist said. “I’ve learned how to show up at a gig and what to do to make people want to hire me for more gigs—how to be a good working musician.”

Co-Director Kelley Norwine:

“It’s so important for our top, music students to get hands-on, real-world, musical experience before graduation. We can’t guarantee they’ll be the next ‘Big Thing,’ but we want to make sure that when they graduate from Anderson University, they have all the tools in their musical toolbox needed to successfully compete in the demanding and ever-evolving world of commercial music.”


Says Co-Director Doug Norwine:

“I was blessed to have had a highly successful 28-year career in Los Angeles, and it is my goal to make sure every graduating, commercial music student from The South Carolina School of the Arts has that same opportunity.”