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AU Trojan

Whether you feel lost in a class or just need one little thing clarified, tutoring can make all the difference! Our peer tutors, recommended by faculty, are excellent students who enjoy helping their fellow students be successful.


How do I get an appointment?

You may set an appointment with a tutor by signing up to join the “Tutoring by Appointment” course in the Canvas Learning Management System. Once you are in, you will be able to schedule an appointment by course and time of day.If you need help when no tutor is available, talk with your professor.If tutoring is available for your course through the online NetTutor service, the professor can easily make it available to your class.If the professor has questions, please refer her or him to AU’s Center for Innovation and Digital Learning (CIDL).


Group Study

Tutoring for several courses will also offer Group Study, so that you can work with a tutor along with other students to review material and help each other. If there isn’t already a Group Study for a class and you are interested, contact CSS and we will work on getting one set up.

Where do I find the AU tutors?

All individual tutoring takes place in Room 208 of Thrift Library or via Zoom. Group Study will take place in designated classrooms.

In what courses can I get tutoring?

We provide tutoring in most core curriculum courses and many beginning major courses.If we don’t list a tutor in a course that you really need, ask, and we will see if we can identify a tutor for you.


Contact the David Larson McPhillips Center for Student Success.  Call 864.231.2026 or email