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How we serve you:

Marketing and Communication is a team of dedicated staff and student workers who are excited to serve the campus. We love AU! Last year alone, more than 1,600 projects were completed in our office. Because many of the jobs that we process are recurring, please keep all final PDFs of your jobs on file internally, so that they are easier to retrieve and process in the future. is our internal project management system and how we collect, store and keep up with jobs. It is also how we will communicate your job to you. Once a job is submitted, it is automatically uploaded into Monday. Once you have submitted a request, you will receive a confirmation email. When a proof is ready for review or your order is ready to be picked up, we will notify you through Monday and it will appear as an email in your inbox.  If you reply to this email, the information will be uploaded into your job in Monday. 

Help us help you. Always complete the appropriate form for your job. This allows our entire team to view your request, which will allow it to be completed faster. It also minimizes the questions we might have while processing your job, which streamlines the process and makes us as efficient as possible.

To best serve you, we provide the following services:

Submissions for the 411
Please use this form to submit information or photos to the 411.
Admission Counselor Profile
This form is for Admission Counselors to update their web profiles.
Awards, Honors or Scholarship - Faculty, Staff, or Student Recognition
This form is used to notify Marketing of awards, honors and scholarships. We want to brag on you!
Business Cards
This form is used to order AU branded business cards. Business cards are ordered weekly and take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. They will be delivered to your AU mailbox.
Design and Print Requests
This form is used to request print jobs as well as jobs that need to be designed and/or printed. We cannot guarantee same day turn around on jobs. Typically, we will need you to provide at least two weeks for all design jobs and at least 72 hours for print jobs, but preferably more. Time needed per job can vary depending on the size of the job.
Digital Signage Designs
This form can be used to request a design for a graphic that can be displayed on the digital screens across campus. We know it can be a challenge navigating pixels and ratios, so we created this digital signage design request form with less questions than our design and print request so that we can get you what you need with as little hassle as possible. We can design the graphics for you and once they are approved we can submit a digital signage request via AUnited on your behalf.
Faculty Profile
This form is used to add a faculty profile on the website.
Materials Request
This form is to order AU branded materials. These are items that are stored in-house and are readily available for pickup, with no printing required. This includes items such as letterhead, envelopes, pens and pocket folders, to name a few.
My AU Journey
This form is used to submit a My AU Journey essay for use in various ways including, but not limited to, press releases, online feature stories, magazine articles and posts on our official social media channels.
Name Tags
This form is used to order AU name tags. Name tags take 3-5 business days and will be delivered to your AU mailbox.
Photo Agreement
This is a 4-question photo release that you must submit if you participate in any photo shoots that may be used in AU marketing material.
Photography Request
This form is used to request a photographer for an event. You may choose a student photographer free of charge or we can hire a professional for you. There will be a charge for professional photographers. We require at least 2 weeks’ notice when submitting photography requests.
Share News
This form is used to submit noteworthy items that can be promoted in various ways including, but not limited to, press releases, online feature stories, magazine articles and posts on our official social media channels.
Social Slider
This form is used to submit photos that you want to appear on the social slider on our website.
Website Updates and Additions
This form is used to request updates and additions to the website.

Please refer all news media inquiries to Andrew Beckner at

Marketing and Communication Team

James Duguid
Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communication
(864) 231-2015
Email Marketing

Print Services

Caroline Cothran
Associate Director of Communications
(864) 231-2482

Shelli H. Rutland
Associate Director of Marketing
(864) 231-2116

Eric B. Whitlock
Creative Director
(864) 915-7154

Andrew J. Beckner
Executive Director for Public Relations
(864) 231-2485

Calvin Bowman
Multi-Media Marketing Specialist

Kristin Fereira
Graphic Designer
(864) 231-2454

Ed Welch
Communication Specialist

Jonathan Todd
Editorial Director