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AU Trojan

Student Employee Timesheets

Timesheet Instructions

Timesheets can be submitted by:


Timesheet Due Dates/Pay Dates

Month Due Date Date Paid
October Monday, November 2nd Friday, November 13th
November Tuesday, December 1st Tuesday, December 15th
December Friday, January 1st Friday, January 15th
January Monday, February 1st Monday, February 15th
February Monday, March 1st Monday, March 15th
March Thursday, April 1st Thursday, April 15th
April Monday, May 3rd Friday, May 14th
May Tuesday, June 1st Tuesday, June 15th
June Thursday, July 1st Thursday, July 15th
July Monday, August 2nd Friday, August 13th


Change your direct deposit

To make changes to their direct deposit, students will need to submit a direct deposit enrollment form along with wither a voided check or bank authorization letter. These can be submitted to either the Business Office or Student Employment Office.