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Student Worker Timesheets

“The people I worked with daily were more than just co-workers. They invested in me personally and academically, and I was able to establish lasting friendships and connections. Working in an environment where your faith and your education come first was a blessing as I made my way through college.”

AU Student Employee

As an out-of-state student, Rachael wanted to get plugged in to her new campus community. She wanted to establish personal and professional connections, as well as add some work experience and new skills to her resume—which would hopefully come with a little extra spending money.

For Rachael and hundreds of other students at AU, all this is possible through the Federal Work-Study Program. The program provides part-time jobs for eligible students, but—unlike some employers—work-study jobs are flexible to cater for students' academic commitments. Students can conveniently work for a few hours in between classes.

Student employees at AU help with admissions, IT, athletics, financial aid, campus ministry, student activities, and in the library. Most positions are in administration and based on campus, but some students are tutors in local after-school programs, such as with America Reads and America Counts.

How to participate

To participate in the Federal Work-Study Program, students must be enrolled half time in a degree-seeking program, complete a FAFSA, and quality based on financial need. Students who do not meet the financial need requirement may be able to participate in the AU Work-Study Program.

Students are responsible for securing their own work-study jobs.

Pay rates

Pay rates vary depending on the position and increase with experience. The average first-year work-study student at AU earns $7.25 per hour. Students typically work 10 to 12 hours per week—with a limit of 20 hours per week—and can earn $2,000 per year. Students are paid by monthly direct deposit for the hours worked.

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