Elizabeth F. Snyder

Elizabeth F. Snyder
Graduate Chair, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Bachelor of Science, East Tennessee State University, Nursing
Master of Science, Clemson University, Nursing (family nurse practitioner program)
Doctor of Nursing Practice, University of Alabama


(864) 231-5526

What classes do you teach at Anderson

Graduate level Health Policy, DNP Residency, FNP Clinical section, FNP Certification Review Course

What year did you start teaching at AU


Why teach at AU?

Obtaining my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree made me realize I wanted apply my leadership skills and the principles of evidence-based practice beyond the clinical field. I love being able to share how God can shine through us in our nursing profession and seeing students grow from young college students into practicing nurses.


Cooking, theme parks and rides, vacationing with my family

Notable achievements outside of discipline

Mom of two beautiful, healthy girls is my greatest achievement.

Places you've lived

Kingsport, Tennessee Johnson City, Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee Anderon, South Carolina

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

I am always trying to find interesting ways to engage my students and make them more active in the learning process. I try to use interactive activities and games that spark some creativity and a little competition.


Snyder, E. and Oliver, J. (2014). Evidence based strategies for attesting to meaningful use of electronic health records: An integrative review. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics 18 (3).


More About

Elizabeth points out that nursing offers many opportunities for growth and leadership. “Nursing has so much diversity that no one should ever be bored or suffer burnout.”