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AU Trojan
Home is Where Your Heart Is
March 29, 2020
Anderson University
Anderson University has survived two world wars, the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, and the Great Recession.  It will assuredly survive COVID-19.


"Home is where the heart is."

This familiar quotation is attributed to Pliny the Elder (A.D. 23-79). If that attribution is true, it’s been around a long time.

Another thing that has been around a long time is Anderson University. It was founded the year before the Titanic sank.  It’s survived two world wars, the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, the Cold War, Y2K, and the Great Recession.  It will most assuredly survive COVID-19.

Through the years, many a Trojan has referred to AU as “home.”

COVID-19 has temporarily required us to modify our operations.  But your AU home will be always be here for you.  We’ll be here for Summer School.  We’ll be here for you when you either return this fall as a student, or when you return for Homecoming.  God willing, it will be here for your children and grandchildren, and countless generations to come.

For now, let me just remind you that you are missed.  You are GREATLY missed!

Here’s a little gift for this week, performed by Ashlynn Costa, of our South Carolina School of the Arts.  I hope it will encourage your soul and bring a smile to your face.



I hope your online coursework is going well.

May the Lord bless and keep you.

Evans Whitaker