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AU Trojan

Denton Carter cherishes the Christ-centered community and opportunity to grow spiritually at Anderson University.

After graduating from high school, I remember being extremely nervous to take the next step in my academic journey. I had a consistent comfort zone that I felt was fading away, leading to new and unknown chapters of my life. When I decided to attend Anderson University after much thought and prayer, I was still skeptical about the idea of moving out of my house and starting something completely different. Even though I had toured campus multiple times, attended Base Camp and heard about the amazing community that exists at AU, I was still a creature of habit and someone who did not often choose change over consistency.

Nevertheless, as the fall semester of my freshman year rolled around, I found myself a part of this special community that had been described to me before moving in. During Welcome Week, I had the opportunity to meet plenty of awesome people and be a part of several incredibly fun events as I started my journey here at Anderson. I was also very fortunate to be a part of the Teaching Fellows program and instantly be surrounded by a cohort of like-minded individuals that also had a passion for the field of education and changing the lives of others. Being an Anderson Teaching Fellow and a part of the College of Education truly is an honor, and I am so grateful for the opportunities that arose through my involvement in these extraordinary programs. Even though I was anxious about starting a new chapter in my life, the activities, atmosphere and amazing people allowed me to feel at home, and I knew that I was in the right place.

Now, as a senior reflecting about my time at AU, I couldn’t imagine my college experience any other way. Even though
I have grown as a student with the help of outstanding professors in all of my classes, I believe that the incredibly special community that exists on campus has impacted me the most. It’s easy to hear others talk about life here at AU, but it is another thing entirely to experience it. I’m truly and eternally grateful that I am an Anderson student, and I firmly believe that this was the plan that God had for my life. Amid the social and educational growth that I have gained, I am also thankful for the opportunity to grow spiritually. One of the main aspects that makes Anderson University so unique is the emphasis placed on a Christ-centered community. Attending an institution that places importance on pursuing a relationship with Christ has allowed me to continue maturing as a Christian. Entering college, I never expected to thrive in this new and unknown environment. I can confidently say that after serving as a Teaching Fellow and student worker and forming lasting friendships here, Anderson University is a special place that will always be a part of me.