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Human Development and Family Studies

Whether it’s helping a family budget, creating programs for a daycare center, or preparing for a career as a social worker, the Human Development and Family Studies major can be your foundation for a rewarding career strengthening families and nurturing people.

Human Development and Family Studies majors study science and social science, including psychology, sociology and biology. Then, they learn how to apply them to real life. Learning these disciplines from a Christ-centered perspective prepares Family Studies graduates for careers in caregiving, counseling and advocacy fields.

Evaluate Programs, Exercise Judgment and Consider Social Factors

Building upon the core liberal arts requirements, the Family Studies program adds subjects including:

  • Methodology – Using measures and stats, students learn how to evaluate a therapy program and determine whether it would benefit a family or person.
  • Professional ethics – We’ll discuss the field’s ethics and how to apply them among diverse families and relationships.
  • Sociology – We’ll probe societal issues, including health and disease, crime, family life issues, substance abuse, and poverty as a context for understanding what issues families and its members may be facing.

Family Studies through a Christian Lens

If you who want to learn about families and how to help them, in a very real, very Christian way, the Family Studies major at Anderson University is the program for you. One of the only programs in the eastern US to integrate faith and education, the Family Studies program helps students prepare for a career where they can build upon the family unit – something central to the core of Christianity. And this major gives you the opportunity to contemplate and wrestle with questions that do not have easy answers or solutions; from human sexuality from a Christian worldview to family dynamics, you’ll be able to talk with other Christian students about topics that will apply to your future career helping others.

From Social Work to Pastoral Care

Family studies majors might enter the workforce as family advocates, or with additional certification as child life specialists who work with children and families, helping them cope with hospitalization, disability or illness, or in non-profit organization program development.

The Family Studies major can prepare you for careers in the following fields:

  • Social work
  • Nursing
  • Pastoral care
  • Child advocacy
  • Law
  • Eldercare
  • Market Research and Consumer Science

Family Studies can also be used as an alternative to a traditional psychology degree, and as an alternative for nursing students looking for a program with less emphasis on medical science.

With additional master’s degree-level education, a Human Development and Family Studies major can go on to be a licensed social worker, a child law advocate or a human resource manager. Maybe you’re interested in helping others in times of crisis through ministry? The Human Development and Family Studies major can be combined with a master’s degree in ministry to help you counsel people in all walks of life who are facing trials of various kinds.