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AU Trojan

Martha Hinman

Professor and Chair, School of Physical Therapy
Academic Background
BS in Physical Therapy from Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA
MHEd in Health Education from Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA
EdD in Allied Health Education & Administration from University of Houston, Houston, TX
Doctor of Physical Therapy) from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Phone Number:
(864) 622-6086
Martha Hinman

What classes do you teach at Anderson

Because the School of Physical Therapy is still in its developmental phase, I have not yet begun teaching classes at AU. However, I have previously taught courses in Research Design and Data Analysis as well as Professional Seminar courses that address legal, ethical, and psychosocial issues in health care. I also teach courses related to geriatric rehabilitation with a special focus on balance training and fall prevention.

What year did you start teaching at AU


Why teach at AU?

I have been involved with AU for more than 10 years, initially serving as a consultant to help guide the development of the DPT program. I now have the opportunity to breathe life into those plans and allow God's inspiration to help me create a program whose faculty and students are committed to serving Him by serving others. Teaching, like patient care, is a privilege and I find joy in watching my students develop into professional colleagues. As a faculty member, I believe my role is to serve as content expert, educational facilitator, professional mentor, and spiritual guide to my students. Fortunately, I have found that these students often teach me as much or more than I teach them.


I enjoy anything that allows me to be creative. I helped design our home in Texas and enjoyed decorating it and helping my husband with the landscaping. I love to work all kinds of puzzles when I have the time and also enjoy vacationing in the Caribbean.

Notable achievements outside of discipline

In 2015 I published a devotional book on the human body called "Amazing Grays" which is intended for both a lay audience. I have also volunteered to plan special events for close friends and family members including milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and memorial services. Recently I was honored to be asked to organize and conduct a Celebration of Life for a close friend and colleague who died of cancer.

People might be interested to know I...

Have served more than 30 years as a site visitor and commissioner for the physical therapy accrediting agency known as CAPTE. During my second term, I served as Chair which helped broaden my professional network. I have received numerous honors and awards at the local, state (TX), and national level and previously held the first endowed professorship in physical therapy at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. I am also a long-time Dr. Suess fan and helped plan a children's literacy festival in Abilene, TX which focused on his work. Later I taught a freshman seminar course using the writings of Dr. Seuss as my lesson plan.

Places you've lived

I was born in Illinois, grew up in Indiana until age 12 when my family relocated to Atlanta, GA. My father always told me to tell folks that I was "born a yankee, raised a rebel." After college, I worked in Miami FL, Augusta GA, Evansville IN, Biddeford ME, Galveston TX, and Abilene TX. I currently split my time between Abilene TX and Greer SC.

What do you find most enjoyable about working at Anderson University?

There is a genuine family atmosphere of friendly, caring people who are invested in helping you succeed. I also appreciate the flexibility of being able to work remotely when needed.

What I wish prospectives students knew about my discipline or careers in my discipline.

I wish prospective physical therapy students realized how broad their career options are in this profession. Many pursue PT as a career because of their interests in sports medicine or pediatrics. But there is much more to experience and opportunities abound in a variety of specialty areas. You will never be bored! I also want students to know that physical therapy has the highest rate of job satisfaction among all the healthcare professions. Although the number of female PTs still outnumber the male PTs, more men are pursuing physical therapy careers than ever before. In addition, many people who are seeking better job security choose PT as a second career, so you may find students of all ages in your class.

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

Most of my classes use a traditional format (i.e., organized PowerPoints, lab handouts, etc.) combined with interactive learning experiences and class discussions. For example, my research class includes SPSS computer labs that give students an opportunity to run statistical analyses and interpret the results from real studies. My legal and ethics course includes mock trials of actual malpractice cases where students play the various roles (prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, defendant, witness, complainant, judge, etc.)


I have 40 peer-reviewed publications (books and journal articles). Some of the most recent include: 
"The changing profile of the physical therapy professoriate – Are we meeting CAPTE’s expectations?" (accepted for upcoming publication in Journal of Physical Therapy Education)

"Functional predictors of stair-climbing ability in older adults." 2017, MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics (DOI: 10.15406/mojgg.2017.01.00025)

"Educating Students with Disabilities: Are We Doing Enough?" 2015 Journal of Physical Therapy Education.(

"Prevalence of Physical Disability and Accommodation Needs Among Students in Physical Therapy Education Programs," 2015 Journal of Post-secondary Education & Disability.( - page 309)

"Leadership Retention in Physical Therapy Education Programs," 2014 Journal of Physical Therapy Education.( This article won the Stanford Award for the most influential article published by JOPTE in 2014

"Amazing Grays: Spiritual Reflections on the Human Body" 2015, Xulon Press (