Summer School 2018

Admission, Registration, and Payment


First Class
Start Date


Registration Deadline


Payment Deadline


Summer Semester

May 14


May 13


May 7

Summer Session 1

May 14


May 13


May 7

Summer Session 2

June 4


June 3


May 28

Summer 7 Week A

May 14


May 17


May 7

Summer 6 Week A

May 14


May 16


May 7

Summer 5 Week A

May 14


May 15


May 7

Summer 5 Week B

June 18


June 19


June 11


(Includes online courses – course length may vary, check individual courses for actual begin and end dates)

First-time college students and transfer students

First-time college students and transfer students who will continue into the fall semester at Anderson University must complete an online application for admission and be advised by the appropriate College Dean before registering for classes. To apply, go to the traditional Admissions web page

Students currently enrolled at Anderson University

All currently enrolled students should register for summer courses via Self-Service. The registration deadline for Summer Session One is May 13th. The registration deadline for Summer Session Two is June 3rd. Students wishing to be considered for financial aid should contact Financial Services by April 20th.

Transient Students

Those students enrolled at other colleges who plan to attend Anderson University in the summer only and then return to their institution should complete an online application and submit a statement of approval to enroll in courses at Anderson University from the college in which they are enrolled.  Once admitted, students will receive access to Self-Service for self-registration.

Tuition and Fees for Summer 2018

$ 305 - Per Credit Hour
$ 650 - Per Credit Hour – Independent Study
$ 165 - Per Credit Hour – Applied Music Course Fee
$ 153 - Per Credit Hour – Audit Fee

The rates above are for traditional undergraduate students only.  Adult Studies Program and Graduate Students should refer to the 2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog, respectively, for applicable tuition and fees.

Information For Boarding Students

Please contact the Residence Life Office to complete a summer housing application. Applications for summer housing will be available from April 2nd through April 25th online through the MyHousing webpage located on the Housing Forms page  Deadline for completion: April 25, 2018. Housing will be available for Summer Session 1 & Summer Session 2 only.

Fees: $109 per week housing only. No meal plans will be provided. 

Room and roommate assignments for summer school sessions are made on a first come-first served basis. Limited spaces are available.

Financial Aid for Summer School

You must complete a Summer 2018 Application that is available on our website at  This application and the financial aid file must be completed by April 20, 2018.

Summer School Course Withdrawal

Summer school students who officially withdraw from a summer school course will have charges assessed for tuition & fees as follows:

After 1 class/1 day ........................  20%
After 2 classes/2 days ..................... 50%
After 3 classes/3 days ..................... 80%
After 4 classes/4 days and/or beyond … Full charges will be assessed