Christian Ministry - Missions

Christian Studies - Missions

Our globalized world is making missions more challenging than ever. As a missionary, you need a sound understanding of where we stand in mission history, the principles and nuances of the world’s religions, and how to build a thriving community of believers no matter where you are. AU’s Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with a missions concentration gives you this background. Your courses in missions, world religions and church planting equip you to exude love, compassion and truth no matter which country or city you’re in.

Why AU? 

  • Anderson is one of the few universities in the country that gives you a Christian Studies degree with an emphasis in missions. This rare opportunity carries with it a faculty committed to sharing their academic and real-world missions experience.
  • You’ll get a chance to gain experience through internships that focus on your global or local call to missions.
  • You’ll complete 150 hours at a ministry or community organization through which you’ll work side-by-side with people who share your heart for the world.
  • And AU GO—AU’s Campus Ministries mission trips—provide you numerous opportunities to reach the world. We partner with well-known organizations, such as International Mission Board (IMB), CrossRoads Missions, Send Relief, and Generation LINK.

Career Outlook

Your missions-focused degree is the perfect preparation for any further studies your missions agency or board wants you to complete. Your degree qualifies you for--and can dovetail with--Master of Divinity and Master of Ministry programs at AU’s Clamp Divinity School or across the country.

Your expertise in missions history, world religions and church planting will help you transition straight into a sending agency’s pre-field training, too. The concepts you learn about the people you’ll reach, the city and country where you’ll be, and the religious nuances there will be the outworking of the foundation you built at AU.

Your degree isn’t just one-dimensional, though. You will have the tools and knowledge to bring your love for missions to a number of jobs*:

  • Missionary
  • Missions pastor
  • Evangelism director
  • Primary school missions teacher
  • Community relief services director

(*Salaries vary by country and organization)