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Location: London, England

Semester: Spring 2024

Course Information: International Studies – 3 Credit Core Course

Course Code: IS 398 England

Lead Faculty: Dr. Timothy McKnight

Travel Assistant: Dr. Candace Livingston

Course Title: England – Shakespeare’s World: The Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford and London Theatre

Course Title: Reformation and Revival: The Changing Face of Christianity in England and Scotland

Course Description: This course examines the history of the English and Scottish Reformations and the Evangelical Revival that occurred during the 18th century in Great Britain. Students will learn about the key figures in the Reformation and Evangelical Revival. They will also visit sites in England and Scotland that pertain to events and individuals related to them. They will observe the decline in Christianity that has occurred in England and Scotland since the era of the Reformation and Evangelical Revival and determine any parallels between that decline and the decline of Christianity in the United States since the First and the Second Great Awakening. In addition, students will attend an evensong service int eh Durham Cathedral to experience current worship in England. They will also meet with church planters in London to see how they share the gospel with the people of the modern-day Britain.

Travel Dates: March 2 to March 9, 2024 – Spring Break

Estimate: $4,500.00

Housing/Accommodations: Local Hotels

General Travel Itinerary: England & Scotland Itinerary

Contact: or for more information.

Eligibility Requirements: Anderson students are eligible to enroll in an international study course (AU Abroad) with their advisor’s approval (seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshman).  GPA of a 2.5, academic advisor approval, and registration for course. You must meet the AU Abroad Scholarship eligibility to be eligible for the AU Abroad scholarship.

AU Abroad Scholarship Eligibility: Scholarships are awarded to help reduce the cost of the travel fee, which is an additional charge as part of student’s registration for the program. The AU Abroad scholarship ranges up to $1,000.00 and is awarded upon eligibility, GPA and financial need.  To be eligible for the AU Abroad scholarship, students must be a junior or senior. However, students who are sophomores in the nursing and/or education major are eligible for the AU Abroad scholarship. (This exception is made because nursing and education majors have limited availability for classes in their junior and senior year.) First-year students are not eligible for the AU Abroad scholarship but can register and take any international studies course with academic approval. (Please visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for an AU Abroad application after the spring 2023 semester grades are in. In addition, the form must be taken to the Center for Global Engagement for review and approval.) The AU Abroad scholarship can only be used once during a student’s academic program.

How to Register for Class: Students can register for an international studies course by registering for the class with their semester courses during the regular semester registration cycle. Students should speak with their academic advisor regarding the IS 398 (AU Abroad) course and find out how out will fit into their academic plan before registering for the class. Each major has different requirements for the core and intercultural inquiry, therefore meet with your academic advisor before registering for the class.

Payment Details:

  • November 7, 2023 – $1,500.00
  • November 17, 2023 – $1,000.00
  • November 24, 2023 – $1,000.00
  • December 8, 2023 – $1,000.00*

*Balance minus any AU Abroad scholarship awarded. 

Payment: Students will need to make payments once registration is confirmed and before the spring 2024 semester bills are due.  All payments are nonrefundable. You need to be registered before payments for the course/travel fee can be made.

Payment Link: (Only for students who have registered for the class) :

Included: Round trip airfare, breakfast at the hotel each morning, accommodations, and entrance to tours as listed on the itinerary.

Exclusions: Transportation to the airport: Please note that we do not provide transportation to the airport. Flights are not determined at this time and are normally out of ATL. However, it can also be GSP or CLT. We do not provide transportation to the airport or cover the cost for this expense. It is up to you to get to the airport. Meals: Normally, only breakfast at the hotel is included. You are responsible for your meals, refreshments, and all food/snacks while abroad. Government Id: Passports and any required official documentation to enter the country are not covered and students are required to pay these charges. Baggage Fees: Normally on an international flight, one bag can be checked for free. Additional baggage fees whether for extra luggage or due to over luggage weight, will not be covered. Additional Tours/Sites: Entrance fees to places not listed on the official itinerary are not covered. Personal Expense: Students should bring additional funding to help cover personal expenses while abroad including funding for meals, personal expenses, gifts, etc.

COVID Vaccination: Anderson University recommends students follow CDC guidance regarding vaccinations.

Passport: It is recommended that you expedite your passport application or renewal. Passports are not required at time of course registration.