Safety Alerts

Keeping you informed to help keep you safe.

What are safety alerts?

Safety alerts allow students, faculty and staff to receive campus-wide alerts on cell phones and their Anderson University email account. The system will be used to notify you of dangerous situations, such as severe weather, building or area evacuations, major disruptions to campus services, or closings due to ice or snow.

Timely Warnings:

In the event a significant emergency or dangerous situation is confirmed to pose an immediate threat to the health or safety of students and/or employees of Anderson University, notification will be made to the campus community.

  • Notification may be made by any of the following methods:
    • Rave Alert: Are delivered via text and e-mail alerts to all registered students and staff. (Rave Alert system is explained on pg. 44 of the student handbook.)
    • Phone alerts, Verbal alerts and Audible alarm system.

If any student, faculty member, or staff member has reason to believe there is a dangerous situation or significant emergency on campus, he or she should immediately report it to Campus Safety by calling (864) 231-2060.

Why sign up for AU Safety Alerts?

  • You will have access to on campus safety alerts.
  • No spam. No ads. Just the information you want!
  • You have choices! Messages can be sent to your mobile phone, email, or both of them.
  • This is a free service except for additional text message rates as determined by your phone service provider.*
  • Nothing to download or install on your phone!

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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* Be assured that Anderson University will not share your number with any other persons or organizations and will only use this number in the event of an emergency. NOTE: There may be an additional charge for text messages from your mobile carrier. Check with your mobile carrier if you aren't sure if you will be charged.