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AU is an innovative comprehensive university and as such we look for ways to ensure that our co-curricular activities are actively supporting the educational development of students inside the classroom. Recently the university adopted an innovative approach to the Core Curriculum as the Curriculum Enhancement Program was updated to actively support this change in the Core Curriculum. During the summer of 2019, the Curriculum Enhancement Program was redesigned to provide some common co-curricular experiences for students, as well as, allow students the opportunity to self select some unique experiences.

Students that enroll as traditional, undergraduate students, in the fall of 2019 or later will benefit from participating in this newly updated Curriculum Enhancement Program.

The purpose of the Curriculum Enhancement Program (CEP) is to enrich the student’s academic experience by providing co-curricular opportunities that reinforce the educational and personal development of students within the framework of the 18 Common Learning Outcomes (CLOs) as outlined in the AU Core Curriculum. Students will participate in required CEPs designed to assist with the transition into the AU community, promote professional readiness, and foster financial literacy. In addition to the required CEPs, students will attend at least 11 CEPs from the Student Selected offerings on campus.

The CEP Completion Plan is outlined below. Click on the boxes to learn more about the 4 tracks within the Curriculum Enhancement Program.

First Year CEPs (3 CEPs total):


The Office of Student Development hosts 3 required CEPs every fall and all new students are expected to participate in these CEPs. Students are expected to attend these CEPs with their AU101 group. Transfer students should attend these sessions with their alpha leader. These events are specifically designed to support a new student’s transition into the AU community.

AU PRO Signature Series (6 CEPs total):


AU Professional Readiness Opportunities Beyond the Classroom is a distinctive program designed by Anderson University to improve student preparation for the working world through a set of co-curricular opportunities. AU PRO will equip students with a stronger sense of professionalism through written communication skills, nonverbal indicators of a professional image, and oral communication skills.

Ron Blue Financial Literacy CEPs
(4 CEPs total to be completed online):



The Ron Blue Center CEPs will offer a framework for thinking differently about money. Students will learn how to handle money from a confident place - empowered by biblical financial wisdom. Each of the Ron Blue Center CEPs will teach students about financial management through the 4 H system: Heart, Health, Habits, and Hope. Sophomore students will receive an email informing them of how to access their online CEPs Sophomore year.

Student Selected CEPs (11 CEPs total):


These CEPs will include art exhibitions, musicals, plays, and music performances from the South Carolina School of the Arts, lectures and presentations from other academic departments, and a range of topics that support the AU Core Curriculum. These CEPs allow students to experience art, culture, and history as well as explore a range of student issues.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

First Year CEPs:
Office of Student Development
Third floor of G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Student Center
Tonya Landrith
AU PRO Signature Series:
Center for Career Development
484 Boulevard 
Anderson, SC 29621
"the house on the hill"
Ron Blue Financial Literacy CEPs:
Ron Blue Center
Vandiver 302
Dr. Gordon Smith
Student Selected CEPs:
Office of Student Development
Third floor of G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Student Center
Tonya Landrith