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Anderson University would love the opportunity to partner with your church, association or other group to serve the Kingdom of God! How can we help?

Ministry Groups

  • AU Worship Band
  • AU Country Band
  • AU Gospel Ensemble
  • AU Performance Band
  • Journey Teams - groups of students to lead a weekend of youth Bible study, ministry, perhaps community service, fun activities, and building good relationships for influence and encouragement
  • Students to sing - worship setting, recreation or outdoor event
  • Student speaker - someone to preach, share a personal testimony of life change and how God is calling, someone to lead a Bible study, share about AU from a student perspective, etc.
  • Staff speaker - someone to give an AU update or Admission information, preach, teach, sing, etc.

Please complete the request below to let us know how we may help. Even if you’re not sure about all the details, just tell what you’d like us to do and someone will contact you to work it all out.