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AU Trojan

The Journey is the Anderson University Program that is equivalent to "Chapel" at other Christian institutions. Through the Journey, we have the opportunity to emphasize our spiritual development as we learn to worship and grow together. Students, along with faculty and staff are given a variety of worship services, concerts, conferences, and creative presentations designed to introduce them to the person of Jesus Christ and help them grow spiritually through engaging His presence in their lives.

Successful completion of The Journey Program

During each semester all traditional full-time students (including residents and commuters) should earn a minimum of eight (8) credits in the program. Each student in the traditional four year academic program will need to successfully pass eight (8) semesters of The Journey program in order to meet graduation requirements. A grade of CR (8 credits or more) or NC (less than 8 credits) will be recorded on each student's transcript, however, this grade will not affect the student's GPA.


The only exemptions are for student teachers, study abroad, and other off campus academic internships during the semester in which they occur. All exemptions must be registered with the office of Campus Ministries located in Sullivan Hall.

For questions regarding your chapel credits or schedules, please go to