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From Student Handbook

Although the University will make reasonable effort to respect the privacy of a student's room, Anderson University maintains the right of entry into a student's room for reasons of emergency, maintenance, order, or concern for a student's safety. Maintenance and safety inspections will be performed by authorized university personnel only. Illegal items in plain view may be confiscated.

Entering Rooms by University Officials
(Search and Seizure Policy)

  1. Anderson University seeks to give every student the right of privacy against arbitrary and unnecessary intrusion into his/her private life.
  2. A search of a student's room may be made by officials of Anderson University with a written search warrant from the Dean of Student Services or the Director of Residence Life. Residence Hall Supervisors may sign search warrants provided the search is not to be done in their own residence life complex.
  3. The search must be made by two or more University officials or by one University official with a witness, who is not an occupant, present at all times.
  4. An itemized list of all objects seized during the execution of the search warrant will be prepared at the conclusion of the search and signed by all officials and witnesses. A copy of the signed list will be left with any occupant of the room, or in the event no occupant is present during the search, the copy will be left in the room. In the event nothing is seized during the search a copy of a signed statement attesting to that fact will be left with any occupant or in the unoccupied room. Any occupant present during the search will be asked to sign the list or statement, not as an admission of guilt, but to attest to what is being seized.
  5. In the event that disciplinary charges are brought against a student as a result of the search and subsequent seizure, the student will be given a hearing as outlined under the Judicial Procedures in the Student Handbook.
  6. In emergency situations when the delay necessary to obtain authorization constitutes a danger to persons, property or the building itself, or destruction of contraband, university officials may enter a room without a search warrant and search as necessary.
  7. If items not allowed on the Anderson University campus are in plain view to a college official, a search warrant from Anderson University is not necessary. Items in "plain view" constitute reasonable cause to suspect other items not allowed on the campus may be in the immediate area, and the official may make a search of the area without further authorization.

Note: Any time it is necessary for local law enforcement personnel to search a student's room, a university Campus Safety officer or university official will be present.

For More Information:

Campus Safety
(864) 231-2060