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Anderson University partners with iParq to provide you with an online portal to purchase your parking permit and pay any parking violations you may receive. Steps to purchase your new parking permit are provided below:

  1. The iParq link can be accessed on Self-Service.
  2. Visit the AU Apps tab, and select Parking Permit Request
  3. Select “Click Here” under the Buy Permits box, and enter your student ID number, including the leading zeros (Example: 000123456). The permit you are pre-approved for will be displayed.
  4. Add the item to your shopping cart, and select “Continue.”
  5. To complete the check-out process, you will need to create a new account, and input your vehicle information.
  6. Once completed, you will be required to pay a $5.95 processing fee with a credit or debit card. The permit will be mailed directly to the address you provided.

Please Note: If you will have a car parked on campus property, you must purchase a parking permit. Permits are valid from August 1 of each year to August 1 of the following year. If you have additional questions regarding your parking pass, please contact Anderson Central or Campus Safety. We also recommend that students become familiar with “Parking Zones” which indicate where you are able to park on campus.

Yes! The Office of Financial Aid will be available to answer questions during their program at Base Camp.

All new AU students will have a schedule assigned to them by their academic school or college. During Base Camp, you will have the opportunity to view your schedule, speak with your college Dean, and ask any questions you may have about classes.

All new students (including transfer students) are required to pay a one time orientation fee of $150 that supplements the new student’s orientation experience during the student’s entire first year experience at Anderson University. This fee covers the cost of your Base Camp Orientation program, including up to two guests (such as a parent). The fee will automatically be applied to your first semester’s tuition and fee charges. This is paid through your Self-Service account and due at the same time as your first semester’s balance.

To register for Base Camp, you will log-in to your Admission Portal. Your username is the email address that you entered when first applying to AU. If you're unsure of your username, contact your Admission Counselor and they'll be happy to help.


Your password will be the same as when you first applied to AU. If you forgot your password, no worries! Please click the "Reset Password" button on the log-in page.

For students and guests attending the one-day Base Camp Orientation session, on campus accommodations will not be provided. Click here for a list of local hotels.

We will provide a Virtual Base Camp option for students that are unable to attend Base Camp. Students will receive information via email on how to access the online Base Camp experience. Parents that are also unable to attend Base Camp will be able to access the virtual Base Camp materials.

We intend to comply with federal and state laws and to take appropriate actions in providing a safe and productive experience. It is important to understand that attending Base Camp orientation sessions may pose certain risks to the health of individuals and you should consider any underlying health conditions in determining whether or not you choose to attend. If you have a fever or are sick you should stay home. Upon checking in at Base Camp, each student and their guest will be required to verify that they meet all requirements to attend and sign the health and risk acknowledgement agreement. Please understand that Anderson University cannot guarantee your safety from COVID-19.By registering for and attending base camp you are verifying for both you and your guest that you are both healthy, agree to comply with all health procedures established by the University, are freely and voluntarily attending, and agree to hold the University harmless from any liability associated with COVID-19.

While we do understand that not every student will be able to attend the dates recommended fortheir academic college, we would highly encourage you to adjust your personal schedule to attend one of the dates for your academic college. By attending on a recommended date then you will have an opportunity to engage with students within your academic area of interest. If you absolutely cannot attend one of your recommended dates, you are still encouraged to register for Base Camp on another date.Occasionally individuals will cancel their registration at the last minute so we do maintain a waitlist. Students that are interested in putting their name on the waitlist for a certain date should email: Please note that you are not guaranteed to be moved off the waitlist. We are committed to creating a welcoming experience for our students.

We suggest you choose whichever date works best with your schedule. During your visit, we will be sure to connect you with a representative from the other college department!

Students and guests should bring their own face covering for Base Camp if they plan to wear a face covering while participating in orientation sessions.

Base Camp is a casual event. Please feel free to wear casual and comfortable clothing and shoes. The air conditioning system on our campus works really well so you may also want to bring a long sleeve shirt or sweater to put on during sessions. While not a requirement, you are always encouraged to rock AU black and gold at Base Camp!

Zoom sessions recommended for Honors students will be released at a later time. Honors students are not required to attend Honors sessions, but will be offered the option.

If a meal is specified on the schedule, you can expect that the cost will be covered by the University for the student and one guest. Please be sure to provide the contact information for your one guest when you register for Base Camp, as this helps us prepare for their arrival as well.

Please be mindful that limiting the number of guests is to ensure that our new students have the best possible experience. To allow for adequate physical distancing for our student participants, we will limit the number of guests that attend Base Camp. We cannot make decisions that undermine the health and safety of attendees or that violate government regulations regarding group size.

Yes, but you will have to audition for the ensemble and take the class for credit. Plays and Musicals are competitive, but auditions are frequently open to the general student body. Contact the South Carolina School of the Arts Office (864-231-2125) for details.

All new students who have previously studied French or Spanish should take a placement test in that language. We offer Portuguese as well, but a placement test is not required to register for Portuguese class. Placement tests are mandatory for any student who intends to continue in a language previously studied. The placement test determines the appropriate level of study for which students will be permitted to register. Students may opt to begin a new language as well.


Native speakers of a language other than English are not normally allowed to earn credit for the first two years of college credits in their native language. They can register for a different language or be allowed to earn credit at the third year and beyond of their native language. However, the language department has the right to place the student at the appropriate level.


For more information on placement testing, please email Prof. Butler: or visit the College of Arts and Sciences website.

Students with documented disabilities who wish to register for accommodations may submit their documentation to Ms. Genia Berndt, Director for Disability Services. Guidelines for documentation and other information may be found on the Student Success web page. You may contact Ms. Berndt by e-mail or by phone: 864-231-5516 to set up an appointment.If students require accessibility services during Base Camp, please contact Student Involvement at

Please send an email to with the following information and we’ll be happy to update your registration:

  1. Student name
  2. Guest name
  3. Guest email address

FYE stands for First Year Experience. As part of the FYE at AU, all first time students will be enrolled in a class, AU101, designed to provide an engaging and supportive experience for first year students that strengthens academic skills and develops a clear purpose for their university experience within a Christian learning environment. AU101 will be a place for students to meet fellow classmates and a perfect arena for questions and support. All new AU students will be placed with a Alpha group led by an AU faculty or staff member, alongside an underclassman called an Alpha Leader. Together, the instructor and Alpha Leader will guide you through your first year at AU and help to build a strong network for your successful college journey. Transfer students who were degree seeking at another college and transferred in more than 13 credit hours will be placed in a specific Transfer Alpha group. This Transfer Alpha group will not be required to attend a weekly class, but will meet with an Alpha Leader and their fellow classmates throughout Welcome Week to aid in your transition.