Applied Computing Minor

The Applied Computing minor is designed to make you tech savvy in whatever profession you pursue. Through this series of six online courses, you’ll become a whiz at using technology to meet your organization’s needs. We’ll teach you the fundamentals of programming, databases, and many other technology-related subjects that enhance business and save money.

Here are the 3-credit courses you’ll take to earn the minor:

  • ACB 202 - Intro to Applications Programming
  • ACB 203 - Business Application Development
  • ACB 310 - Databases in Business
  • ACB 230 - Networking and Security for Business
  • CIS 120 - Intro to Information Processing Systems
  • CIS 352 - Management of Information Systems

For more information about the minor, which all AU students are encouraged to pursue, contact the College of Business at

Other programs in applied computing at AU

Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Applied Computing

Bachelor of Business Administration in Applied Computing